Ford Explorer

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel


No.AFused component
17.51994-2000: strength Mirror Switch, power Antenna,Memory chair (1997-2000)
52001-2003: Mirrors, Autolamp
27.51994-1996: High-Mount Brakelamp 1997-2000: Blower engine Relay, wait Bag Diagnostic Monitor2001-2003: Cluster, Autolamp. Generic electronic Module (GEM), Keyless entry, 4x4
37.51997-2001: Left Stop/Turn Trailer TowConnector2002-2003: Trailer Tow Right-hand Stop/Turn Lamps
151994-1996: Parking lamp, instrument ClusterGauges
4101994-2000: Left Headlamp
152001: Subwoofer
7.52002-2003: Starter
5101994-2000: Data attach Connector (DLC)
152001-2003: Park lamps, Autolamps, I/P dimming,Trailer tow
67.51994-1996: wait Bag System, Blower Relay,EATC1997-2000: behind Blower motor (Without EATC)2001; Without rear Blower: Airbag Diagnostic Monitor2002-2003: waiting bags, Cluster
152001; with Rear Blower: Blower engine Relay,Airbag Diagnostic Monitor
77.51994-1996: Illumination Switches1997-2001: ideal Stop/Turn Trailer Tow Connector2002-2003: Trailer Tow Left-hand Stop/Turn Lamps
8101994-2001: appropriate Headlamp, Foglamp Relay, DRL(1996), Lamp out Warning (1996)
7.52002-2003: Cluster, Audio, GEM
97.51997-2001: Brake Pedal place Switch2002-2003: speed control, Anti-lock Brake mechanism (ABS), 4x4, Powertrain control Module (PCM), Park interlock, Keylessentry
101994-1996: EATC system, chair Memory, MessageCenter, moving Phone, Autolamps
107.51994-1996: EATC System, behind Blower, SpeedControl, GEM System, Brake Interlock, Overhead Console, automatic Ride Control,Lamp out Warning1997-2001: speed Control/Amplifier Assembly, Generic digital Module (GEM), transition Lock Actuator, mix DoorActuator, A/C -Heater Assembly, Flasher, Overhead Console (1998-2000), fill Leveling Module (1998-2000), Brake push Switch (1997)
152002-2003: Ignition, IPATS
117.51994-1996: Warning lamps, Autolamp1997-2001: tool Cluster, 4X4 Module (2001)
152002-2003: Subwoofer
127.51994-2000: Washer Pump Relay, rear Washer PumpRelay
102001: Washer Pump Relay, rear Washer PumpRelay
152002-2003: waiting bags, Climate control, Rearclimate control
13201997-2000: Brake Pedal place Switch, BrakePressure Switch
151994-1996: PCM System, Stoplamps, AWD, Anti-Lock Brake, speed Control, Trailer Tow2001: Brake Pedal position Switch, Brake press Switch2002-2003: avoid lamps, speed control, Auxiliary center High-Mounted prevent Lamp (CHMSL)
14101994-2001: 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System(4WABS) Module, 4WABS main Relay2003: wait bags
157.51994-2001: tool Cluster2002-2003: 4x4 module
16301994-2001: Windshield Wiper Motor, Wiper Hi-LoRelay, Wiper Run/Park Relay
7.52002-2003: revolve signals, Park interlock,Overhead console, Climate control, 4x4, rate control
17251994-2000: Cigar Lighter
202001-2003: Cigar Lighter, Data attach Connector
18251997-2000: drivers Unlock Relay, all UnlockRelay, all Lock Relay
151994-1996: A/C System
202001-2003: power locks, Keyless entry
19251994-1996: Ignition Coil, PCM System1997-2001: PCM power Diode
152002-2003: Trailer Tow Park Lamps
207.51994-1996: Radio, strength Antenna, GEM System,Anti-Theft, cCellular Phone1997-2000: rap Module, Generic electronic Module (GEM), Radio2001: Generic electronic Module (GEM), Radio, Moonroof Relay, Power home window Relay
152002-2003: Daytime to run Lamps (DRL),Reverse lamps, PCM
21151994-2002: Flasher (Hazard)
202003: heated seats
22201997-2001: Auxiliary strength Socket2002-2003: I/P strength point
101994-1996: turn signals
23101994-1996: rear wiper system2002-2003: Front/Rear washers
247.51997-2001: Clutch Pedal position (CPP) Switch,Starter Interrupt Relay, Anti-Theft
101994-1996: Starter Relay
302002-2003: prior wiper
257.51994-1996: Speedometer, GEM System1997-2003: Generic digital Module (GEM), instrument Cluster, Securi-Lock
26101994-1996: 4R44E/4R55E/4R7OW/5R55E Overdrive,DRL System, back-up Lamps, AWD, rear Defroster1997-2003: Battery Saver Relay, Electronic transition Relay (1997-2000), interior Lamp Relay, Electronic change ControlModule (1997-2000)
27151997-2001: DRL, back-up Lamps Switch, DTRSensor, electrical Shift
101994-1996: Under Hood Lamp, Map Lamps, GloveBox Lamp, Dome Lamp, Visor Lamps, Accessory Delay, Dimmer SwitchIllumination, 4x4 System
7.52002-2003: Audio, Windows, GEM, Moonroof, Rearwindow
287.51994-2001: Generic electronic Module (GEM)(1994-2000), Radio (1997-2001), storage Seat (1994-2000)
152002-2003: rear wiper (on glass)
29101994-1999: Radio
202001: Radio2002-2003: Audio, behind audio
252000: Radio
30151997-2000: Park Lamp/Trailer Tow Relay
252001-2003: power Seats
317,51994-1996: rear blower system
52001: behind Blower Motor2002: behind climate control2003: Instrument dashboard dimming (XLS)/Rear audio control (XLT)
32101997-2000: heated Mirror
7,51994-1996: cook Mirror, behind Defroster
52001-2002: heated Rear home window Switch
33151994-1996: High Beam Lamps1997-2001: Headlamps, Daytime running Lamps (DRL) Module, instrument Cluster2002-2003: Highbeam headlamps
347.51994-1996: Lux Audio System1997-2000: Rear incorporated Control Panel, CD
52001: Rear incorporated Control Panel2002-2003: behind audio
357.51997-2000: Real-Blower engine (w/EATC)
152001: 4X4 Module
52002-2003: ABS module
367.51997-2000: ATC Memory, CD, rear IntegratedControl Panel, memory Seat, article Center
152001: Trailer Tow Relay