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Hey guys, i ran a search and didn"t uncover anything so hope I"m not being redundant.I simply bought myself a 5.9 and am gearing up to upgrade the sound system. Every I need to know is what size are the woofers in the 5.9 sound bar? I"m gonna change them v a nice collection of components. Mine guess is 6-1/2" but they could be 5-1/4" too.Anyone know??? Thanks!
Which speakers did you put in there, 5-1/4" or 6-1/2"? If you placed in 6-1/2"s, execute you mind informing me what kind? I could look at the cutout diameter and also know what i can obtain away with. Unless you measure the diameter that the hole???
I took out the factory Infinity"s and also replaced them v Kappa 5.25"s. Kinda wish ns went v 6.5" due to the fact that the Kappa"s barely covered the holes, I"m 99% sure most 6.5"s will certainly fit with no problems.
not come hijack,but what about the speakers in the dash,size?the regional audio shop doesn"t have actually a listing because that 5.9s.replaced the door units,now need to upgrade sound bar and dash.
Dash is just tweeters in a ZJ. They are distinctive shaped, simply take your stocks persons out and throw lock away
Dash is just tweeters in a ZJ. They are unique shaped, just take your stocks ones out and also throw lock away
The dash tweeters room 2.5"s. I"m not certain of anyone that renders 2.5"s because that the aftermarket. I setup on one of two people custom-fitting a component tweeter (using a custom mounting bracket) or leaving them disconnected and unused.Here"s a attach to a source for replacement tweeters:
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