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I assume it is in the fuse block under the hood but I have actually looked in ~ the diagram in mine owners hands-on & the does no list it or in the diagram for the fuse block in the cab. It must be there however under a different name.I tried trying to find this however for some factor the search role does not occupational for me. Not sure if its this site or my computer.
2001 f-350 7.3 auto non dually. 262k miles. New HD tranny at 67,000 miles. Boost, EGT, Tranny temp gauges. 04/10 DIY inspect valve VO conversion. 20 plate FPHE,Fass HPFP collection at 70 PSI,TIH, 10 micron turn on filter through coolant wrap, 150 micron prefilter, hrydraforce purge valve, 40 gallon greasecar tank with hotfox, SS braided hose to heads, Oil temp, press & fuel level gauges. 110K mile on grease.:thumb: surveillance with Torque.

Look under the radio, behind the cup holder in the facility of the dash. I think her "01 has it there.... If not, I believe the next location they put them to be to incorporate into it the fuse panel (the "02 &3s for sure)
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