Many the you that teach the “Periodic Table” might have found that it have the right to be very daunting to engage your younger college student in understanding this rather intimidating chart. Particularly for those third and 5th-grade teachers wherein some sort of routine table interaction is component of their science standards.

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I’ve been utilizing a fun and also unique getting-acquainted-with-the-periodic-table video game with mine preservice elementary science approaches teachers in ~ CSULB for many years. It’s a an excellent way to introduce elementary students to the routine table and helps take away few of the “scary feelings” linked with the chart.

The surname of the video game is “Chemistry can Be Pun.” You’ll have to pick and also choose indigenous the perform if you’re walking to use this with 3rd grade as some of them space more complicated to understand.

I’m sure many of you have actually seen this before, yet perhaps have misplaced the or wished you’d have actually saved a copy the it. Well, right here it is! i can’t remember wherein I obtained my copy or who came up with the idea since I’ve had actually it for numerous years. For this reason whoever put it together, say thanks to you for your an excellent idea and for do a sometimes difficult introduction come the regular table humorous and fun.

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Happy Holidays and also enjoy!


Chemistry deserve to Be Pun

With a wild imagination and also a flair because that puns, friend will be able to use the surname of numerous of the elements to take the ar of various other words or phrases. Some are very straightforward, yet many homonyms call for a stretch of the imagination. Be an imaginative and have pun!

1. Police officer. ____________________

2. Lone Ranger's horse. ________________________

3. If they are not here, lock ___________.

4. To push a blouse. ________________________

5. Motto for an oil well‑drilling company. __________________________

6. What have to you execute with dead people's bodies? ________________________

7. A fixture in your house with a faucet and also a drain. _________________________

8. Wholenium x 0.5. ____________________________

9. A ridiculous prisoner. ____________________________

10. A interment chamber that weighs 2 000 pounds. ____________________________

11. Guided or directed. __________________________

12. Grab that guy! _____________________________

13. What carry out you do before you brand a steer? _______________________________

14. A famous red or pink flower uncovered in pots. ____________________________

15. A Latin Mickey Mouse's dog. _____________________________

16. Someone who helps people in distress is a good __________________________

17. After successfully riding a bronco, a rancher shouts, "I _________________ ."