A theme is a predefined combination the colors, fonts, and effects that have the right to be used to your presentation. PowerPoint includes built-in themes that enable you come easily create professional-looking presentations there is no spending a the majority of time formatting. In this lesson, friend will discover all around themes and also how come apply them.

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A theme is a collection of colors, fonts, effects, and much more that have the right to be used to her entire presentation to offer it a consistent, expert look. You've already been making use of a theme, also if girlfriend didn't recognize it: the default Office theme, which is composed of a white background, the Calibri font, and primarily black color text. Themes deserve to be used or readjusted at any time.

Optional: You deserve to download this example for extra practice.

Theme elements

Every PowerPoint theme—including the default Office theme—has its own theme elements. These elements are:

Theme Colors (available from every Color menu)
Theme Colors
Theme Fonts
Shape Styles
Why use theme elements?

If you're using layout elements, you'll probably find that her presentation looks pretty good. All of the colors will work-related well together, which means you won't need to spend as lot time formatting her presentation. Yet there's another an excellent reason come use template elements: once you switch to a various theme, all that these elements will update come reflect the new theme. You deserve to drastically readjust the watch of your presentation in just a few clicks.

Austin Theme and also Angles design template titles slides

Remember, the colors and fonts will just update if you're using theme fonts or theme colors. If you choose one that the standard colors or any type of of the fonts that are not theme fonts, your message will not adjust when you adjust the theme. This have the right to be advantageous if you're developing a logo design or location that constantly needs to look the same, choose in the sample below.

Selecting a non-theme font
Themes and slide layouts

As you can see from the two different title slides above, themes also impact the miscellaneous slide layouts.

If you use a theme prior to you start structure your presentation, friend will have the ability to arrange your contents to to the right the layouts you have to choose from. If you apply the design template after, the message boxes and also placeholders might move depending upon the layout you choose.

Applying themes

You will have to know just how to apply a theme and how to switch to a different theme if you desire to use this function to create presentations. Every one of the themes contained in PowerPoint are located in the Themes group on the Design tab. Themes deserve to be used or adjusted at any type of time.

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To apply a theme:Go to the Design tab.Locate the Themes group. Each picture represents a theme.