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Watch our helpful video clip on the left because that a full summary of functionality!Simply tap the huge white switch to mute her TV for 30 seconds. ~ the 30 seconds has actually passed her TV will instantly unmute! Every extr tap will add 30 seconds to your mute time, and also your TV will instantly unmute once the time has actually expired!Stop the continuous barrage the repetitive and insulting adsA must have for anyone who mutes TV commercialsEasy come use, tiny handheld maker that works through all contemporary Tvs


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In my opinion, MuteDaddy is an example of a great idea being over-thought.Something damaged the great concept of giving human being a BIG, basic to access, mute switch so they could block stroked nerves commercials.I don\"t know if was an assumption about how world use the TV mute switch or just creating a attribute that fits the assumption the manufacturer made about people muting commercials. Because that me, MuteDaddy is a fail.The duty of the big, beautiful, white mute switch has a significant flaw.That big, white mute switch only attributes with a \"Timer\" feature and the actual muting takes about 2 seconds to in reality work. Why?The Timer is set up for 30-second increments. Press when for 30 seconds, twice for 60 seconds and so on.I don\"t know exactly how long any commercial rest is walk to it is in - does anyone?Basically, you have to guess how many time you need to press the mute button in order to mute the commercials and not her program. Not easy, not fun.If friend guess wrong and also your routine comes on before the timer publication the mute function you can manually un-mute. And also that pipeline me questioning - what\"s the benefit in guessing how long a advertising break will certainly last versus simply muting and unmuting manually?Over numerous weeks of using the MuteDaddy - ns guessed right 4 times. The rest of the moment I had to either add time or un-mute manually. So much less complicated if you might just mute and un-mute with that big, white button.This \"timed mute\" attribute is totally explained in the product guide. It is not made all that clear in the product description on My bad for not watching the video and doing more research.A clearer description of functionality, up front and on, would have been nice.MuteDaddy may fill a require for some yet not for me.