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I"m searching for a word to rearea "percentage" for numbers between 0 and also 1.

To explain: what I"m actually dealing with are decimals (prefer 0.12), semantically yet they serve the function of percentages (the equivalent right here being 12%, obviously).

So my number in between 0 and 1 is not a percent yet a _______. Any ideas?

This question is equivalent, yet has actually a different focus; it allows for multiple words, whereas mine needs a single word.



Numbers in between 0 and also 1 are fractions, and fractions expressed as a decimal are decimal fractions.

decimal fraction

a fraction (as .25 = 25⁄100 or .025 = 25⁄1000) or combined number (as 3.025 = 325⁄1000) in which the denominator is a power of 10 typically expressed by use of the decimal point.




From a pure grammars perspective, the answer is "percent".

In math, a percent is a number or ratio expressed as a portion of 100.

0.12 and 12% are as identical, as 0.1234 and 12.34% are. If the numbers you are expressing are proportional then percent is as valid as anything else.

Off-topic answer:

However before, you question wasn"t about grammars, it was around naming variables in which instance percent/ration/unit are all disastrous variable names. When naming variables, succinctness is of far much less prominence than readcapacity. Variable names can be minimised or optimised by the complier, as a programmer your duty is writing humale readable code first, and also machine readable code second.

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As a programmer, the variable name have to have some better conmessage than a unitless proportion, so re-evaluate what you are storing, recognize what the actual worth suggests, and attempt aobtain (more than likely on Programmers.SE).

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