A sheet Of paper – Talking about Le Papier In FrenchPosted by john Bauer on Jun 6, 2018 in Vocabulary

There is a never finishing list that incredibly typical words that constantly surprise me once I realize ns don’t recognize them. The funniest part about these kinds of native is how they sneak increase on me. It’s basic to never ever think around how to say a an easy everyday thing until you should say it!


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Way back in elementary school, i remember wonder why we claimed a piece of paper en anglais.

Elles sont où les autres morceaux?Where room the other pieces?

It to be something i learned come accept and also never really thought about until someday I essential to ask because that a item of paper en français.

Tu peux me donner une pièce de papier ?

The immediate look of confusion told me ns messed something up. Mon ami (my friend), answered my inquiry with a surprised shout:

Une pièce de papier !

Not understanding why mon ami repeated what I just said, i didn’t know how to answer:

Oui…. Tu sais… du papier mais seulement une page.Une feuille ?Non ! Je parle pas d’arbres !

Yes… friend know… record but just one page.A leaf?No! I’m not talking around trees!

Le malentendu (the misunderstanding) was gaining worse. Ns knew une feuille was a leaf, but I had actually no idea just how it concerned le papier.

J’ai besoin d’une web page de papier.Oui d’accord. Une feuille de papier alors.Ça s’appelle une feuille ?Oui ! Tout-à-fait !

I need page of paper.Yes alright. Therefore a piece of paper.

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That’s referred to as a piece?Yes! Exactly!

I learned a brand-new use because that a word ns thought might only be used when talking around les arbres!

Although the conversation may have been awkward, the confusing procedure of figuring out we were talking about the exact same thing renders it difficult for me to ever before forget just how to say:

Une feuille de papierA piece/sheet of paper

Of course, the wasn’t the finish of my trouble v le papier. En France and also in plenty of other countries, la taille (the size) the une feuille de papier is different than what most civilization from les États-Unis are provided to.

After lastly getting la feuille de papier that ns needed, ns learned that une feuille A4 (an A4 sheet) does no fit in one American binder!