Classify two Dimensional Figures

Classify various two dimensional shapes right into groups and subgroups. For instance all rectangles room quadrilaterals and also all squares are rectangles.

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The two-dimensional shape has actually 6 sides, 6 vertices and also 6 angles.


We can discover the shape of a hexagon in a honeycomb and also a football, about us.


Types that Hexagons

When the length of all the sides and also measure of every the angles room equal, the is a regular hexagon, otherwise that is an irregular hexagon.


Properties the a constant Hexagon

All the sides space equal in length. All the internal angles measure 120°.The sum of all the inner angles the a regular hexagon is 720°.


fun Facts

Regular hexagons have the right to be break-up into 6 it is intended tringles every one of the exact same size.Regular hexagons deserve to fit together without any type of gaps , forming tessellations.

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Instead that handing out hexagon colouring worksheets to her children, questioning them come observe and also note the points in the shape of regular and also irregular hexagons, such together the publish of a lady finger, the vast hexagon ~ above Saturn.

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Further, you can discuss and also show videos around how bees do honey combs or spiders make spider web in the shape of a hexagon.