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a.coated through varnish do from shellac or resinb.took a riskc.leniency; forgivenessd.making a twisted or distorted facial expression
a.coated with varnish do from shellac or resinb.took a riskc.leniency; forgivenessd.making a twisted or distorted face expression
a.coated through varnish made from shellac or resinb.took a riskc.leniency; forgivenessd.making a twisted or distorted facial expression
a.coated with varnish do from shellac or resinb.took a riskc.leniency; forgivenessd.making a twisted or distorted facial expression
What is the most crucial story in “A Visit to Grandmother”?a.a teenager’s very first meeting with his father’s familyb.a mom reunion with her sonc.a man’s effort to challenge a childhood paind.a horse’s misbehavior and also its results
which of the adhering to lines native “A Visit come Grandmother” is an example of straight characterization?a.“ . . . That had spoken of GL with the sort of indulgence he would certainly have shown a cute, yet ill-behaved and potentially dangerous, five-year-old.”b.“ ‘He’ll be below though; that ain’t together young and also footloose together he provided to be.’ ”c.“And Chig had actually a suspicion currently that the reunion had been only an excuse to journey south, the his father had actually been heading to this home all the time.”d.“She was a honey-colored woman, with lengthy eyelashes.”
c.“And Chig had actually a suspicion now that the reunion had actually been only an forgive to journey south, that his father had been heading to this residence all the time.”
Charles does not tell Chig ideal away around his plans to visit his household in “A Visit come Grandmother.” What walk this reveal about his feelings concerning the visit?a.Charles is no looking front to the visit.b.Charles wants the visit to be a surprised for Chig.c.Charles thinks Chig will be wake up to go.d.Charles no think that would have time to visit.
In “A Visit come Grandmother,” Chig’s father had actually never talked much around his family, with the exemption of:a.Aunt Rose.b.his brothers GL.c.Mae.d.Uncle Hiram.
In “A Visit to Grandmother,” GL’s character can best be defined as:a.friendly and also intelligent.b.lazy and also stupid.c.sincere and also persuasive.d.charming and also irresponsible.
In “A Visit to Grandmother,” Charles offers formal typical English in ~ his mom house since he:a.respects and also admires the family.b.wants Chig to it is in proud that him.c.has serious expert ambitions.d.sets self apart indigenous the family.
What information is clarified, or do clear, in the complying with passage indigenous “A Visit to Grandmother”? Ten days before in new York, Chig’s father had chose suddenly he want to go to Nashville to to visit his college course reunion, 20 years out . . . Chig to be seventeen, had actually nothing to do that summer, and his father asked if the would favor to go along.a.The reason why Chig’s father moved to brand-new York as soon as he to be an adult.b.The factor why Chig’s father thinks of GL as a handy joker.c.The factor why Chig and his father to be traveling together, close to Grandmother’s home.d.The reason Chig’s father want to go to his university reunion.
which of the adhering to lines native “A Visit come Grandmother” is an example of indirect characterization?a.“She smiled. She had actually all her teeth, however they were as well perfect come be her own.”b.“Uncle Hiram to be somewhat smaller sized than Chig’s father; his short-cropped kinky hair was half gray, half black.”c.“She to be standing now, her back and shoulders straight. She came only to Chig’s chest.”d.“They don’t understand nothing around old ladies. When I desire help, ok let friend know. Just time okay need aid getting anywheres is once I dies and they background me into the ground.”
In “A Visit to Grandmother,” for Charles, what walk the story of GL and the horse represent?a.his mother’s choice for GLb.GL’s ignorance around horsesc.his mummy stubborn prided.GL’s attractive personality
In “A Visit come Grandmother,” when Mrs. Dunford states “GL could-a finished up swinging,” she means he could havea.wasted his life at parties.b.lived a cheerful, carefree life.c.been hanged together a criminal.d.suffered emotionally ups and downs.
which of the complying with passages indigenous “A Visit to Grandmother” clarifies the reason why Charles’s mommy spent more time through GL than through Charles?a.“You was an ext growed up 보다 GL once you to be five and he was ten, and also I do the efforts to present you that by letting you perform what you want to do.”b.“That’s not true, Mama. You recognize it.”c.“I stated that if I had actually done it, if I had actually done just exactly what GL did, you would have beaten me an excellent for it, Mama.”d.“Don’t questioning me how I walk that; ns reckon it to be that i was a mother and also my baby asked me to carry out something, is all.”
a.“You was an ext growed up than GL when you to be five and he to be ten, and I tried to display you the by letting you carry out what you wanted to do.”
exactly how does Chig feel once he sees his father cry in “A Visit come Grandmother”?a.He is angry the Mama has made his father cry.b.He is depressed the his father is so sad.c.He is alarmed the his dad would present such emotion.d.He is impression by his father’s emotional honesty.
In “A Visit to Grandmother,” what carry out Charles’s words and actions bordering his mother’s treatment of him together a child reveal around his character?a.He is sensitive and full of anger.b.He is can not to to express his feelings.c.He dislikes humorous stories.d.He views his mom as perfect.
In “A Visit come Grandmother,” why does GL describe Charles as a “rascal”?a.GL suspects Charles is dishonest.b.GL is fond of Charles.c.GL resents Charles’s intrusion.d.GL think Charles is mischievous.
i m sorry of the adhering to statements finest expresses the template or message of “A Visit to Grandmother”?a.Brothers need to be tolerant and also forgiving of each other’s faults.b.The pains of household misunderstandings have the right to last a lifetime.c.Parents and also adult youngsters should resolve problems for the grandchildren’s sake.d.Adults often resume childhood roles when they visit their parents.
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