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Hey guys, my air bag light is blinking 6 times, the stops, then blinks 6 times again. What go this mean?
Alas, no an ext mustangs​

It way that your rear watch mirror is readjusted to far left and upwards. Yes. We are ALL PHYSIC
! We know what year vehicle you have, what type, what her favorite food is, and also what friend wear to bed. See my sig. Mine guess is that your air bag is bad. You can check replacing her air bag with an 1 ohm resistor from Radio Shack. MAKE certain THAT friend DISCONNECT THE BATTERY **AT least 30MINS*** prior to you remove your air bag. View my sig.Let me recognize if friend have any q"s, ~ you say what year car.
ah i m really sorry It is a 1990 ford mustang GTThanks
Alas, no an ext mustangs​
Most likely it is the clock spring within the steering wheel. Does you"re car have cruise? Does it work? If it worked before and also is not working now this is the cause (most likely) that the waiting bag light.
1990 LX.418, 581/539 flywheel #"s.Shakedown pass on a shortshifted combo,3308lbs w/me (tremec #"s)C4 currently lies in the tunnel, no brand-new #"s.
Alas, no an ext mustangs​
Yea, the clocksprings go a lot. It could likewise be the wait bag or the connector. Due to the fact that you don"t live in the south and also by the sea (salt air), the connector have to be fine. Once you take off the waiting bag, you would certainly *see* the connectors all ruined by the salt air.If friend did any type of steering column work recently, then you may have pinched/broken a wire.
I guess we are, however psychic, we space not. By the way, mine has done the 6 flash point a couple of times over several years, both times in the rain, and both time it quit after ~ stopping and restarting the car.Billy
I have a 94 Lightning and the same thing occurred. I lugged to a nearby dealer and it turned the end to it is in the clock spring. That cost around $100 to obtain it fixed. Nice call HOtrain.
still blinking
Ok ns looked at the diag. Perform for the air bag, it speak that when it blinks 6 times it is a "high resistance or open circuit" where should i check for this and also how carry out i solve it?
Yea, I would certainly *guess* that you have actually the most usual Ford air bag difficulty - negative clockspring.To it is in sure, obtain a 1 or 2 ohm resistor from Radio Shack, disconnect her battery, remove your wait bag, placed the resistor in instead of the waiting bag (just bend the ends and also push them right into the air bag connector, affix the battery, and also see if you still obtain an error "6". If so, climate you have a 99% possibility that the clockspring is bad.If you setup on maintaining the car an ext than 2 years, you"re better off getting a brand-new clockspring from Ford. Otherwise, try to acquire one native a low Mileage car. The clock spring gets emphasize every time you turn the wheel. Still, lasting *12* year isn"t that bad!Let me understand if you have any type of questions!
There is 4, 10mm or possibly 11mm bolts in the back of the steering wheel. Clocksprings are reasonably cheap if ns remember correctly?
1990 LX.418, 581/539 flywheel #"s.Shakedown pass on a shortshifted combo,3308lbs w/me (tremec #"s)C4 now lies in the tunnel, no brand-new #"s.

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