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Moose and the cons are about to get a lot closer in this much-anticipated sequel come Al Capone Does my Shirts. Recommended for eras 10+.

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Moose and also the cons are around to gain a lot of closer in this much-anticipated sequel.It’s 1935. Moose Flanagan resides on Alcatraz through his family, the other families of the guards, and a couple of hundred no-name struggle men, con men, foolish dog murderers and also a grasp of financial institution robbers too. And also one that those cons has actually just excellent him a huge favor.You see, Moose has never met Al Capone, however a few weeks back Moose created a letter come him questioning him to usage his influence to acquire his sister, Natalie, into a college she desperately requirements in mountain Francisco. After Natalie gained accepted, a note showed up in Moose’s fresh laundered shirt the said: Done.As this book begins, Moose discovers a new note. This one says: her turn. Is it really from Capone? What does the mean? Moose can’t threat anything that could get his dad fired. However how deserve to he disregard Al Capone?


Monday, august 5, 1935 nothing is the means it’s an alleged to be when you live on one island through a billion birds, a ton of bird crap, a few dozen rifles, machine guns, and also automatics, and 278 of America’s worst criminals—“the cream of the criminal crop” as among our felons likes come say. The convicts on Alcatraz are rotten come the core, crazy in the head, and as slippery together eels in axle grease. And then there’s me. Moose Flanagan. I live top top Alcatraz along with twenty-four various other kids and also one much more on the way. My father works as a prison guard and an electrician in the cell house up top. I live where most of us “civilians” do, in 64 building, i m sorry is dockside top top the east side the Alcatraz—a basic hit indigenous the mobster Al Capone. Not many twelve-year-old boys deserve to say that. No many children can say that when their restroom is quit up, they acquire Seven Fingers, the ax murderer...

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Al Capone Shines My pair of shoes is the sequel to Choldenko"s commemorated Al Capone Does my Shirts. Twelve-year old Moose Flanagan continues his account the life ~ above the Rock and the conflicts and also crises the beset the isolated ar of cons, guards, mothers and kids who contact it home. Moose"s voice - for this reason true, therefore funny, so boyish, therefore irreverent - will certainly make you desire to was standing up and also applaud Choldenko"s bravura encore... The plot tote the reader along and also provides real suspense, however the novel"s greatest accomplishment is the development of the inner civilizations of its characters: all complicated, turbulent, alive, surprising, sweet and deep...continued

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(Reviewed by Jo Perry).

Media Reviews

The Christian scientific research Monitor
back “Al Capone Shines mine Shoes” is a fast-paced adventure story, the subtle underlying messages room worth hearing... A very exciting, can’t-wait-to-see-what-happens-next story. Kids and also their grown-ups space going come love this one. The Cleveland plain Dealer
... The actors of characters brims through life. Moose"s pure-boy voice is wonderful, and the historically accurate details fascinate. Horn Book
Choldenko delivers a crowd-pleasing sequel to her Newbery Honor-winning Al Capone Does my Shirts. Booklist
one enjoyable, stand-alone sequel. Publishers Weekly
it takes....100 pages because that the anxiety to ratchet up, but fans of the very first book will enjoy obtaining reacquainted. Kirkus Reviews
Starred Review. Choldenko access time a grand slam...Effortless period dialogue, completely developed an additional characters and also a perfect paced plot integrate to produce a solid-gold sequel that will not disappoint. Periods 10+. school Library Journal
This is superlative historic fiction, yet it will be most appreciated by those familiar with the first book.

Reader Reviews

david kenny

al capone shines mine shoes This is the best book ever!

Awesome! I thought this book was very good. I think you would have to have read the an initial book if girlfriend would like to review this one. One thing happened after an additional which make the publication suspenseful. I provide the publication an A! :.D

excellent job Ms. Choldenko! I supplied this book as a novel examine for mine class and they absolutely love it! Unbelievably, as soon as I told mine students there homework to be to read chapters 6 - 10 all students came ago reading more than ns expected! also the ones that don"t usually perform ... Review More

I need HELP!!!! have the right to some one please tell me exactly how the difficulty with Moose owing Capone was solved. Many thanks so much, please help.

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Alcatraz and also Al CaponeAlcatraz, the setting of Choldenko"s novel, is together vivid and also interesting as her characters. She acquired to understand its layout, the method the sun looks ~ above the sea approximately it, its birds and also its weather while functioning there because that a year together a docent.Most famous as the website of a commonwealth prison, Alcatraz Island was very first a military fortress, house to the very first lighthouse top top the Pacific shore in the mid 1850"s, and a army prison for prisoners of the Civil and Spanish American Wars. After ~ the 1906 san Francisco earthquake, numerous civilian prisoners were transferred to Alcatraz. By the 1920"s the three-story jail was practically at complete capacity. Property shifted from the army to the department of righteousness in 1934, and work ...


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