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Alicia Sanderson Edwards: “You forgot?”Isaiah Edwards: “Never, never! What was supposed to remember?”Alicia Sanderson Edwards: “We to be going to have lunch together. I made sandwiches.” 

Season 6, episode 8


Kyle Richards’ beforehand Life and Career

Kyle Richards was born top top January 11, 1969. Kyle, along with her sisters, Kathy Hilton and fellow Real Housewife Kim Richards, was raised in Bel Air, California, by your mother, kathleen Richards. Kyle recalls farming up in a home filled through women. Here mom, grandmother, sisters, she mom’s friends… and also her sister Kathy had actually two finest friends that basically lived at she house. That was choose a huge sorority house. There to be a most fun in she house, yet then she would go to her friends’ houses and she would watch the dad coming house from work and the mommy making dinner in the kitchen. She thought, “Oh, those are favor the civilization on TV. Those space fake people.” Kyle always really admired that, and it was something she want to have. (1)

As presided over by catalent AKA “Big Kathy,” the youngsters were given cost-free rein once they started making their very own money. Together recapped by All around The Tea, in 2015, Richards revealed on an illustration of Real Housewives how she even made she own means to auditions in ~ a young age. “I was driving method before I had a license. My mother was a rule breaker. She walk not offer a sh*t. …If she wanted to permit me drive to work-related at 13, she was gonna execute it, and also she reliable me,” recalled the reality star. (2)

Overall, Kyle had a an extremely positive suffer as a son actor. She feel the functions she did to be in a an extremely family-friendly environment. Her very first major duty was as Alicia Sanderson Edwards top top the beloved present TV show, Little house on the Prairie. Richards very first appeared in 1975, once she was simply six years old, remaining with the present all the method up till 1982 when she was simply hitting her teen years. Her sister, Kim, was likewise an actress, and appeared in one episode of tiny House on the Prairie, the season before Kyle joined the cast. (3) Kyle recalls as soon as filming Little residence on the Prairie, they were out in Simi sink riding horses, playing in the streams, and catching ducks.

Kyle Richards together Alicia Sanderson

Kyle very first appeared as Alicia Sanderson in Season 2 that the “Little house on the Prairie” television series. Alicia was the embraced daughter of Grace and Isaiah Edwards. Her first appearance is in mental Me component 1 and also 2 as soon as Alicia’s mother Julia dies. After the Harriet Oleson’s cousin wanted to take it in Alicia. However at the critical minute newlyweds, Grace and also Isiah Edwards embrace her and also her siblings, john Jr and also Carl Sanderson, to store the family together.

Kyle additionally appeared as Samantha Harper, daughter that Bret Harper, in the Season 5 illustration Someone please Love Me. In total, Kyle starred in 18 illustration in the series.

After she stint ~ above the little House series, Kyle walk on to show up in numerous 1970s television collection including Flying High, Vega$, Fantasy Island, Time Express, and also Carter Country. In 1977, she join sister Kim onscreen in the thriller The Car.

In 1978, Kyle appeared in the thriller Halloween together Lindsay Wallace, the kid Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) was babysitting as soon as Michael Myers struck. In an interview through Digital Spy, the actress argued that there was a the majority of laughing on collection and the she and Jamie Lee stayed close.

Kyle join the actors of the NBC medical drama ER, play Nurse Dori Kerns for 21 episodes.

Today, she’s finest known now for her duty in The real Housewives that Beverly Hills wherein she’s been a main cast member (along with sister Kim) because 2010. For this role, Kyle to be nominated “Reality Star of 2019” in ~ the 2019 People’s an option Awards. Richards also had duties in Lifetime’s tv film fatal Sibling Rivalry (2011) and also The Hungover gamings (2014).

In 2018, Richards co-produced the big Network comedy television series American Woman, i m sorry was influenced by her childhood. That very same year, she additionally joined co-star Jamie Lee Curtis to talk about her 1978 duty in Halloween, and it was confirmed that she would certainly be reprising her function in the 2021 released follow-up movie — Halloween Kills.

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Family Life

In 1988, at the age of 18, Richards married Guraish Aldjufrie indigenous Indonesia. She offered birth come daughter Farrah Brittany (1988) prior to they be separate in 1990 and divorced 2 years later. In 1996, Kyle married Mauricio Umansky, a Los Angeles genuine estate agent. The couple has three daughters, Alexia Simone (1996), Sophia Kylie (2000) and also Portia (2008). They reside in Encino, Los Angeles. You have the right to read much more about her household in her memoir, Life Is not a reality Show: maintaining It genuine with the Housewife that Does the All, i m sorry was published in 2011.