Your lover Allen Roth gazebo broke. Probably it’s the canopy or perhaps it’s the netting that gained holes. Where to acquire the instead of parts? native my personal experience, I know how tough it have the right to be to discover gazebo instead of parts.No worries, I’ve acquired you covered.

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After struggling to find a replacement canopy for my dome gazebo, I chose to create this short article where I accumulated all the information I could find that would make the life the the gazebo owner easier. Check out on and order the Allen Roth gazebo replacement components you need!


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Gazebo instead of Canopies

Did you understand that Allen Roth gazebo canopy often doesn’t last much longer than 3 year or so?

You may think this is because of poor design or negative quality. In fact, it’s actually pretty common for together product. The canopy fabric has to stand harsh conditions including strong sun, strong winds, and also heavy rain – and also the manufacturer can’t really do much to safeguard it.

It’s no a fault of Allen + Roth that your canopy it s okay worn off. The manufacturer actually says that you need to take turn off the canopy during solid weather such together rain and storms.

At A Glance

Here’s a to compare table with various gazebo canopy replacements because that a rapid glance.


Sunjoy replacement Gazebo Canopy because that 10 x 12 Regency II Patio Gazebo, Brown

The manufacturer tried tough to do the replacement canopy last longer:

the cloth is cure to protect versus UV to minimization the damage caused by direct sun;it is water resistant to save you and also your guests dry;made from resilient polyester to last longer.

This is a two-tier canopy an interpretation the canopy has actually two coverings: top and bottom. To know more, readthe summary of two-tier canopy patent.

Weight Rods Replacement because that a Pergola Canopy

If you have actually a pergola and need to replace the canopy, friend might also need to change weigh rods that keep the canopy in place.

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I extended the instead of canopies above, and also here, ns would like to show you the replacement load rods.