Game on! The NBA All-Star Weekend is taking place this year indigenous February 16 to 18. It it s okay rolling through a skills challenge and ends v the All-Star Game, whereby the cream that the NBA chop give it all they’ve got. Before tip-off, we rounded up some surprising facts about the game of basketball. Have a look!

Stop those pesky fans

A historical basketball court, complete with a peach basket as the net. Publicly doman via Wikimedia Commons

The very first basketball nets to be made of a peach basket attached come a huge pole. There was one large problem v the nets. Fans watching native the balcony would interfere through players’ shots to stop a point being scored. To resolve this, backboards were added to the nets. The backboards were initially made of chicken wire and they did 2 things. First, they maintained the fans from interfering with the play. And secondly, they led to rebounds come become component of the game.

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Be cautious out there

Cleveland Cavaliers' center Andrew DeClercq (L) dives to save the ball.(DAVID MAXWELL/AFP/Getty Images)

In its early on days, basketball to be a lot rougher sport. That’s because there were various rules because that balls that went the end of bounds. As soon as a round landed the end of bounds, the ref tossed it under the court, and also the first team come touch it obtained possession. That led to players gyeongju to be an initial to the ball. And this finished up v players getting injured together they scrambled down the court and also tackled each various other to get it. Through 1913, the dominion was adjusted to do things safer for the players. As soon as a ball bounced the end of bounds, the team the touched that last lost possession.

Nothing but net

Lonzo sphere #2 of the Los Angeles Lakers shoots a 3-pointer versus the Philadelphia 76ers during the 2017 Summer League. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Three-Point dispute is one more popular event in the an abilities challenge. Officially dubbed a three-point field goal, the three-pointer is a basketball shot that’s do from past the three-point line. That’s the arc discovered on the court the surrounds the basket. If girlfriend sink a shot indigenous there, you’ll nab 3 points. It transforms out the three-pointer hasn’t always been a component of basketball. In fact, when the NBA started in 1946, the three-pointer didn’t exist. That wasn’t until the 1979-80 season that the NBA adjusted their rules to incorporate the three-point shot.

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Don’t dribble

Ron Artest #15 that the St John''s Red Storm dribbles the ball throughout the 1999 game against the battle each other Blue Devils. (David Leeds/Allsport)

Imagine a video game of basketball there is no dribbling. (That’s once you bounce the ball on the floor through one hand while racing under the court. However you probably currently knew that!) think it or not, dribbling wasn’t part of the rules of the very first basketball games. The minute you recorded a ball, you had actually to throw it to another player to relocate the game along. That changed in 1897, when a university basketball team presented dribbling to the sport. Also then, players might only usage one bounce prior to passing the round to one more player. It took four more years prior to full-on dribbling came to be an official component of basketball.

Let’s hear it because that teamwork

Seattle Supersonic rookie Rashard Lewis slams home two points after ~ an alley-oop happen from teammate Detlef Schrempf. (Dan Levine/AFP/Getty Images)

It may not sound choose a basketball term, yet “alley-oop” is a part of the sport. It’s the surname for a play as soon as one player jumps and catches a pass from an additional player and also immediately slams it right into the net prior to touching the ground. As for its inexplicable name? It’s thought to come indigenous the French hatchet “allez-oop,” i m sorry is the cry a circus acrobat renders just prior to they leap. It means “go up.” The play chin is stated to have gained its start with 2 brothers who played basketball in the 1960s. Al and Gerald Tucker began using the alley-oop relocate to rack up points for their Oklahoma team.

A smaller squad

Women's college basketball teams play on the court.Photo through Mike Boening Photography license is granted CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In the video game of basketball, every team has five players top top the court at one time. Yet it wasn’t constantly that way. Once basketball was very first invented back in the late 1800s, there to be no dominion on the variety of players permitted on the court. That supposed teams could play through any number of players. Some teams had 50 football player each and also would send the end nine football player at a time. That readjusted in 1897, as soon as the brand-new rule of five players every side was ultimately established.

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Do the dunk

Michael Jordan #23 the the Chicago Bulls does a slam dunk during the game against the Seattle Supersonics. (Jonathan Daniel/Stringer)

The Slam Dunk dispute is one of the highlights that the NBA an abilities Challenge. You’re probably familiar with the slam dunk — a player leaps right into the air above the net’s rim and also drives the round straight right into the net through one or both hands. Boom! This popular play was originally known as a dunk shot. Then, in ~ a Los Angeles Lakers video game in 1972, one American announcer named Chick Hearn used the phrase “slam dunk” because that the first time. And also the surname stuck. As for the first ever slam dunk? That’s a challenging one to figure out. However a basketball player named Robert Kurland, who played the sports in the 1940s, is stated to be the an initial person to ever dunk in an official game.