What is another phrase for kill two birds v one stone? Or another term that implies similar meaning?


There"s one old, idiom expression which might be supplied for much more than two outcomes of the action:

one dropped swoop every wiktionary


I indicate "fill two requirements with one deed"

Edit:Although ns couldn"t uncover it in any type of dictionary, it"s current usage.

Hyattsville Life & Times


Winspire News


Josh61"s answer, there are a variety of choices mentioned in J. Ray"s "A complete Collection of centregalilee.com Proverbs", (page 214) including

to avoid two mouths v one morselto gain two son in laws with one daughterto kill 2 flies with one slap.to make two friends v one giftto take two pigeons through one beanto lug two encounters under one hoodto have actually two strings to one bow

Twofer is the short kind for "two because that one."

Definition: Arrangement in which a single expense or amount of initiative produces 2 returns; human or point that has actually two desirable attributes normally existing singly, i.e. Something the satisfies two criteria or requirements simultaneously.

Example: Going come a wedding in new Orleans throughout Mardi Gras to be a twofer.

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EDIT: i realized the


There is the outdated speak stop two gaps v one bush:

which is the equivalent, probably earlier version the "killing 2 birds with one stone".

(Allen"s dictionary of centregalilee.com Phrases)

In my granola year in Portland, Oregon

Feed 2 birds with one seed. that was local at the time; I"m not sure if it"s spread.

If you are looking for a non-colloquial phrase, the 2nd bird`s death was a "positive externality" of the rock ricocheting turn off the first bird. Or, if you prefer, it to be a synergistic side-effect...

Another method would be :

as a bonus or on peak of or extra benefit

also, but even less straight you can stretch in the direction of side effect and so on

Yes these generally refer to additional benefits resulting from what looks like a focus directed at only "one the the 2 birds" , however this strategy is really common ... And an extremely very commonly the fact is that on the surface a given arrangement ~will~ seem much more directed at one target yet take place to include the other.

These space close:

A win-win situation.The finest of both worlds.

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They both relate to achieving two purposes at once.

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