I have a 2003 Buick Century and also tright here are a number of warning lights that come on at different times once I am driving. the low track light, the abs light, and and so on These lights are all yellow-oselection in shade not red. I have checked the car several times myself and have actually had it checked by mechanics likewise. When we put a diagnostic computer on it tright here are no codes review. I reset the mechanism by placing the vehicle in neutral shutting off the engine and then restarting this removes the problem for another length of time. Sometimes I get the pulsing sound of the ABS when the lights are on but again no trouble breaking or otherwise. I think it may be a faulty switch however I understand also that this is challenging to rearea as it is on the framework somewbelow. Could you provide me some advice and or even more checks.

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Protech: Ok, the low Trac light and also abs light are connected and also will certainly come on together as soon as there is an abs problem. And if you’re not making use of a correct scanner, And tright here is no ‘resetting’ procedure prefer you define. If someone told to you put the automobile in neutral and shut it off, then rebegin, they told you wrong. There is not way to recollection other than clearing the codes or solving the difficulty. The lights are coming on due to an ABS problem, you the majority of most likely have actually a negative wheel rate sensor or hub bearing. Those are the a lot of widespread points that go out on your car. The wiring harness to any kind of certain speed sensor could be to blame also, however it would require watched by a qualified tech.

OK many thanks. I think it was the owners hands-on that provided this procedure. However, I will certainly gain the correct scanner for this diagnosis. The front end guide bar, brakes, and struts were all reput within the last 6K miles. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Thanks again.

You’re welcome, have actually an excellent night!


2002 Buick Century

ABS and SES and also TRAC Off lights on. Reinserted front wheels hubs acquired a c1232 code for left front wheel sensor open up or short yet still lights on. What must I do currently.

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ProTech: Your difficulty is a lot of most likely the wiring harness to one of the front wheel speed sensors/hubs. Moisture gets into the plastic conduit causing corrosion and wiring troubles. You deserve to replace one or both by purchasing a pigtail assembly from your local GM dealership.

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