A ___ is any single letter, number, price or point mark
A ___ is the same as a type face that uses a format to characters.

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Which that the following best describes a character’s “point size”?height
You should ___ text before you can use a new font or point size.select
Use ___ as you point to every font to view what it will look like before you make a final decision.live preview
Where is the Font dialog box launcher situated in the Font team on the home tab?lower right
Which kind of font has characters which take up the exact same amount of horizontal space?monospaced
Which form of font has characters which take it up varying quantities of horizontal space?proportional
Which font type has little lines at the beginning and also end the characters?serif
Which type of font does not have small lines at the beginning and end the characters?sans serif
You want to boost a heading in a newsletter and wish to usage Text effects to make the title stand out. I beg your pardon of the complying with are choices within the Text results drop-down menu?Outline, Shadow, Glow, & Reflection
When you select text and also press Ctrl + U, a ___ line shows up below the selected text.single
You have actually accidentally set off the caps Lock vital and typed 3 paragraphs in uppercase. Which choice in the change Case food selection will transform the text ago to typical paragraph format?Sentence case
In order to quickly apply color throughout the selected message area use the ___ device in the Font group.highlight
In order to copy attributes and formatting native one choice to one more within an open document, usage the ___ command in the Clipboard group.format painter
In stimulate to usage the format Painter to apply the same layouts over and overyou must double-click the style Painter button. Which vital on the keyboard deserve to you use to clear the format Painter?ESC
Which two types of layouts are easily accessible in the styles gallery?character formats & i styles
A attached style is one that can be applied to a paragraph and also a character. What screens next to this type of layout in the list?¶a
You room working together a team in the Human resource department creating firm policy documents. In order to ensure all layouts update immediately which Modify format option would you choose?New Documents based on a template
Use ___ to produce text through a 3-D rotation.

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Which record types have the right to be opened, edited, and saved in Word?PDF, RTF, & TXT
You should ___ a PDF before you can modify it in Word.convert
Sometimes the is easier to eliminate all formatting native an imported document before using custom formatting in Word. In order to remove all styles from selected message which choice in the Font group do friend use?Clear Formatting