The similarity in the properties of a square and a rectangle can help us draw a conclusionto the ask "Is square a rectangle".In Geometry, we have actually learned about different varieties of forms such as square, rectangle, cylinder, rhombus, cuboid, cube, cone, parallelogram,and for this reason on. Plenty of of these shapes share particular common properties.Square and also rectangle are examples ofsuch two-dimensional shapes.Theyboth autumn under the category of quadrilaterals.

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1.Square Vs Rectangle
2.Properties that Square and also Rectangle
3.What makes Square a distinct Rectangle?
4.FAQs on Is a Square a Rectangle

Square vs Rectangle

Square: Asquareis a two-dimensional airplane figure with four equal sides, four interior right angles, and also four corners.In other words, a square isa square or a 4-sided polygon. All the angles space of equal measure, thereforeit is thought about as one equiangular quadrilateral.

Rectangle: A rectangleis a two-dimensional number with four sides, 4 interior right angles,and four corners. The opposites political parties of a rectangle space equal. A rectangle has 4 angles, through each angle measuring 90º. Similar to asquare, a rectangle is additionally referred to together an equiangular quadrilateral.

Let us have a look in ~ the image offered here to recognize a square and a rectangle better.


Since both a square and also a rectangle have actually an equal number of sides, i.e., 4, we thus can conclude that both square and rectangleare quadrilaterals. We deserve to observe the similarities in the nature of both a square and also a rectangle in the complying with section.

Properties that Square and also Rectangle

Both a square and also a rectangle have specific special properties that differentiate them from a general quadrilateral. We can attract the to compare of the requisite nature of both the forms from the adhering to table and also conclude even if it is a square has all the properties that specify a rectangle.


How room Square and Rectangles Alike?

From the compare drawn over for the common properties shared in between a square and a rectangle, us observe that a square has actually all the nature that define a rectangle, which renders them alike in a specific manner. This method that a square can likewise be referred to as a form of rectangle.

Thus, us can finally conclude that yes, a square is a rectangle.

What provides Square a distinct Rectangle?

Yes, asquare is a special type of rectangle since it possesses every the nature of a rectangle. Comparable to a rectangle, a square has:

opposite sides that areparallel and also equal.two diagonals the bisect every other and also are equal.

A square is called a special sort of rectangle due to the fact that it possessessome additional properties which execute not applytorectangles. They are:

All four sides the a square room equal.Diagonals that a square bisect each at right angles.

Important Notes

Given listed below are a couple of important note on the topic is a square a rectangle.

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All squares room rectangles, yet not every rectangles are squares.

Try reasoning out of the box to price the following:

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