According to ASPCA, Ficus trees are not safe for dogs and can reason different wellness issues. The pipeline of this varieties contain one irritating sap that affects the dog’s skin quite badly. That can also have a negative effect top top the stomach of your pooch. Ficus poisoning can happen if a canine eats any component of this trees or come in call with them.

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Ficus Tree Information


No, Ficus is not safe because that dogs. Despite being a popular family members tree, that is not a great option for pet owners. The leaves and fruits that this tree contain a sap that has actually explicit enzyme which will an outcome in ficus poisoning. This will usually an outcome in serious stomach problems. Similarly, physical call with ficus leaves can reason dermal wake up to the dogs.

Why is Ficus toxic to Dogs?

The source of ficus intoxication in dogs is the digestion of leaves, fruits, and bark that this tree. The happens as result of a certain sap which can lead to different health issues, choose skin rashes and diarrhea. The complying with are two different varieties of ficus sap the can reason toxicity come dogs.

Ficin – likewise known as “Proteolytic Enzyme”. Sap comprise this enzyme can cause dermal irritation and rushes ~ above the skin. The can likewise cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Ficusin – additionally known together “Phototoxic Psoralen”. This sap can cause skin irritation and also gastrointestinal suffering, like dental irritation and also salivation to her pup.

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