HiI witnessed a advert for Jack Russel pups the were born with a quick tails. The add says a vets certificate will certainly be offered as proof. They space short, legged and also short coated and the picture does look favor JRs. Doesnt present the tail thoughI was wondering how this might be done. Clever breeding?? or am i being gullable!!Wendy

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By Jeangenie " title="United Kingdom">Date 29.04.07 21:42 UTC
Unless a gene from a normally bob-tailed breed (such as corgis) has actually been introduced right into a crossbred terrier favor the short-legged jack russell then they've been docked. And also if they were born after 6th April this year they were more than likely docked illegally.
By ice_queenDate 29.04.07 22:42 UTC
Lets confront it JG, Jack Russels have actually been crossed with plenty of things in the previous I'm sure they have actually the bob-tail gene in the lines somewhere.  Or knowing human being today the it a JR X corgi they are selling as "pure" JR!!!!
By Brainless " title="United Kingdom">Date 30.04.07 07:12 UTC
There are couple of lines the corgi left with natural bobs, and they don't breed true either so over there will always be part born with lengthy tails, for this reason a whole litter that JR's also if lock have had bob tail included somewhere is just not going come happen.
By lumphy " title="United Kingdom">Date 30.04.07 09:53 UTC
HiYou have actually all claimed what ns was thinking. I am additionally wondering if the tails are the correct lenght as a JRS tail should be about 4 inch long. I can imagine that is something an overwhelming to breed in especially when the likes of Corgis space tail less. There is a email on the include I to be tempted to mail them and ask but always feel that is a bit cheeky once you have no intentions that buying. I need to say despite if the is true i would certainly be delighted and would choose a pup. I love mine russels docked and this would be the means around it yet I dont watch it somehowWendy
By MoonmaidenDate 30.04.07 11:20 UTC
Actually there room a good couple of lines that Pembrokeshire Corgis i beg your pardon are natural bobs & I know that the Queen looks for out herbal bob sires for any type of litters she breeds(this comes from a breeder whose natural bobs she has actually used more than once) They execute breed true relying on how they are bred. Of course pre WWII all Pembrokeshire Corgis were natural bobs it was the advent post battle of Cardigan Corgi blood that led to the tails
I never realised that till 1934 all corgis to be classified together the very same breed, both Pembrokes and Cardigans, and also the two arrays were interbred.
The Pembrokes to be the herbal bobs & the Cardigans had actually the tails pre battle plus the Cardis were constantly a little bit bigger the the Pembrokes-the Cardis likewise have different colours !(the two breeds were only one breed because that the KC of food The breeders in Pembrokeshire & Cardiganshire(sp)kept true come their very own breed ;-) not utilizing the various other breed until after the war for a an extremely short duration of time & that was only the Pembrokeshire breeders-this i was said by a pre war breeder of Cardiganshire Corgis ! )

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I was astonished to discover this top top a site about the background of the Corgi breeds:" once researching some pedigrees ago to the 1920's and 1930's, the is exciting to find that part dogs who names show up as both Pembroke and Cardigan.  One Pembroke, the was the "get" of both Corgi types, winner at very early Cardiff show as a Pembroke, if his litter sister won at the same show as a Cardigan."