Before girlfriend ask, ns don"t mental the dream. I don"t normally remember my dreams, to be honest. However it to be probably an extremely fresh in my mind as soon as I tweeted about it lot too early on in the morning. To it is in fair, i think ns tweeted about it more for my very own record 보다 to phone call the world about it. But what do I know about my sleepy five A.M self?

Thinking about it currently though, the idea the Smurfs act neuroscience is for this reason cool. I mean Smurfs... And also neuroscience: there couldn"t it is in two an ext random and also different things.

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Just imagine Papa Smurf wade around and diagnosing Smurfs in Smurf village.

Brainy Smurf:

"Ah, mine apprentice who currently believes the knows much more than i do. Assuming the the Parieto-Frontal Integration concept is correct, well, I must say that his white matter connections between his brain regions space quite good indeed. His temporal and also occipital lobes procedure information native what he sees and hears. Then his pariental cortex filter what is important and also puts every little thing in context. Not to forget that the pariental cortex is additionally discussing with the frontal regions to process the information and also obtain services to every the difficulties he appears to think of. Powerful stuff. Yes, yes, ns am indeed an extremely intelligent... I typical Brainy Smurf is certainly quite intelligent..."

Scaredy Smurf:

"Oh well, a little problem through his amygdala perhaps. Lot too responsive... Lot too responsive, I"m afraid. Negative him. Living in are afraid of anything. But to be fair, that is life amongst little blue half-naked beings. If that"s not scary, what is?"

Dreamy Smurf:

"Oh and here"s the ‘fantasizer." What is keep going in his brain? So plenty of theories, so tiny answers. Activation synthesis theory, continual-activation theory, excitations of long-term memory, increase of semantic memories and also so on and also so on. Give thanks to god there"s Wikipedia. Oh yes, Smurfs have actually God and Wikipedia too. And also wireless. And only one woman."


"Her immaculate face symmetry and also Smurf waist-to-smurf i know good ratio. She was drawn by Smurf God himself, no doubt. She"s simply so perfect! There"s nothing wrong through her. As soon as I check out her, areas of mine temporal lobe spring into action: my amygdala orchestrates those powerful emotions, my hippocampus reminds me of that an initial kiss . My brain goes berserk as my vision-processing centers communicate to the centers that emotion and also regions that self-awareness. And also my ‘higher regions," recognizing her extreme beauty, dictates my intuitive cortex to it is in so much more sensitive...


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And with this, I could have just diagnosed all the Smurfs in this village."

Anyone wants to diagnose Papa Smurf?


Image credits: Smurf family: vinylmeister (from flickr), Brainy Smurf and Papa Smurf: hjw223 (from flickr), Smurfette: SanforaQ8 (from flickr).