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Born:May 4, 1872Pennsylvania...(Show more)Died:May 11, 1936 (aged 64)Washington, D.C.United States...(Show more)Political Affiliation:Democratic Party...(Show more)Role In:Red ScarePalmer Raids...(Show more)

A. Mitchell Palmer, in full Alexander Mitchell Palmer, (born may 4, 1872, Moosehead, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died might 11, 1936, Washington, D.C.), American lawyer, legislator, and also U.S. Attorney general (1919–21) whose extremely publicized campaigns versus suspected radicals touched off the so-called Red scare of 1919–20.

A devout Quaker indigenous his youth, Palmer—later nicknamed the “Fighting Quaker”—was educated at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. He to be admitted come the Pennsylvania bar in 1893, practiced law at Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and also became active in state autonomous Party affairs. He served in the U.S. Residence of representatives (1909–15) and also played a prominent function in securing the democratic presidential nomination for Woodrow Wilson in 1912. That ran for the Senate in 1914 however was defeated. Upon U.S. Entrance into human being War I, Palmer was appointed alien-property custodian. In 1919 that was named U.S. Attorney general by chairman Wilson. Throughout his two years at that post, he provided the Espionage action of 1917 and the Sedition plot of 1918 as a basis for launching an extraordinary campaign versus political radicals, suspected dissidents, left-wing organizations, and aliens. He deported the self-avowed anarchist Emma Goldman and others doubt of subversive activities. Top top January 2, 1920, government agents in 33 urban rounded up hundreds of persons, countless of whom were detained without charge for lengthy periods. The neglect of an easy civil liberties throughout the “Palmer raids,” together they happened known, drew widespread protest and also ultimately discredited Palmer, who nevertheless justified his regimen as the just practical method of combating what he thought was a Bolshevik conspiracy to fall the U.S. Government. Return he lost the democratic presidential nomination in 1920, Palmer remained active in the autonomous Party until his death, campaigning for, among others, presidential candidates Al Smith and also Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Front web page of the Chicago Federation of Labor"s newspaper, The new Majority, January 10, 1920, featuring an article that describes the Palmer Raids together terrorism.