The an initial season of the bad Girls club debuted ~ above December 5, 2006, and concluded on April 24, 2007, adhered to by 2 specials.

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Season 1 episode 1 - It\"s less complicated to Be bad

Debut: Bonding and also bickering happen when a group of self-proclaimed “bad girls” re-superstructure a residence in Los Angeles in this reality series from the executive producers that “The actual World.” very first up: Seven solitary women, eras 22-31, settle right into their posh new digs and also start to get to recognize each other. Air date : 5th-Dec-2006Read More

Season 1 episode 2 - It\"s easier to Be bad (Part 2)

Leslie gets into a shouting complement with Jodie throughout their very first night the end on the town; Zara and also Ripsi link while boozing it up, and shot yoga...while an extremely intoxicated. Air date : 5th-Dec-2009Read More

Season 1 episode 3 - A crude oil Awakening

Where the last illustration left off, Ripsi\"s temper gets she into big trouble as she unleashes she drunken rage on one unsuspecting Kerry and also Jodie. The roommates meet around Ripsi\"s departure, together the present ends v a cliffhanger. Air date : 12th-Dec-2006Read More

Season 1 illustration 4 - rapid Fix

The others do a decision about Ripsi\"s future in the negative Girls house; when Kerry attempts to do time v an attractive pool boy ideal after her friend leaves, Ripsi\"s continue to be in the house involves a premature end. Air date : 19th-Dec-2009Read More

Season 1 episode 5 - A Tomik Bomb

While Kerry make the efforts to gain David\"s forgiveness, she becomes closer to Jodie. In the meantime Zara measures on some toes, and appears to have actually no regards for she boyfriend\"s feelings as she searches after Tomik. Air date : 2nd-Jan-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 6 - Out through the Old, In through the new

When a new roommate (DeAnn) arrives, she instantly makes friends with everyone other than Aimee; even though her boyfriend is ready and also waiting because that her back home, Zara stubborn in hooking up through Tomik behind his back. Air date : 9th-Jan-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 7 - The Trouble through Boys

Arguing between Tomik and also Aimee upsets Zara, however what she finds even an ext troubling is Aimee\"s case that Tomik has a wandering eye. Meanwhile, Jodie becomes an extremely interested in a cute guy. Air day : 16th-Jan-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 8 - Miss understanding

When Zara makes a racially-insensitive comment, she manages to find herself ~ above Leslie\"s bad side; Leslie phone call Ty fake for forgiving Zara so quickly. Air date : 23rd-Jan-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 9 - no a Happy Camper

DeAnn, Kerry, Jodie, and Zara all decide to walk on a camping trip, whereby both DeAnn and Kerry intend to pull a few \"playful\" pranks ~ above an unsuspectful Jodie. Meanwhile, back at the house, Ty proceeds to challenge troubled waters in her unsteady relationship with her boyfriend, Juan. Air day : 30th-Jan-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 10 - and the walls Come Tomberlin under

Ty and Leslie communicate in a boozy night out and also return home to a mightily irked Aimee. Later, poor blood boils between Ty and also Aimee, that make waves during a beach excursion, ultimately finishing Ty\"s stay in the house. Elsewhere, being residence alone offers Jodie and Zara an chance to lay bare their sexy and also silly sides. Air day : 6th-Feb-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 11 - and the walls Came Tomberlin down

As Leslie tries to cope with her feeling of loneliness after ~ Ty pipeline the house, she contemplates even if it is or no she should do the same. Air date : 13th-Feb-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 12 - fall of a hat

DeAnn makes a key decision, ~ she enters into a tryst v Pool boy Steve. In the meantime, Zara looks because that revenge versus Tomik when his romantic interest in she fades. Air day : 20th-Feb-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 13 - She Said, She said

When Zara lets Kerry recognize that Aimee has been violation her, not just do the claws come out, it likewise escalates the feud between Aimee and Zara. Air date : 27th-Feb-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 14 - divine Ghost!

Jodie is scolded ~ she poses in former of spiritual paintings during a photograph shoot; In the meantime, things gain eerie when the girls think the residence is haunted. Air day : 6th-Mar-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 15 - What Are tiny Girls made of?

Leslie seeks to leave the human being of exotic dancing; Zara\"s wild antics disrupt her roommates\" lives; Leslie\"s is unsure about her future in the house and also ultimately decides come leave. Air day : 13th-Mar-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 16 - Kiss & phone call

While a shocking surprise arrives the girl way, Kerry encounters a music producer and a opportunity of a lifetime. In the meantime, after she boyfriend provides a surprised visit, Zara confesses her sextracurricular activities to him. New roommates Joanna and also Andrea enter the house. Air date : 20th-Mar-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 17 - Rocky road

At a runway show, Jodie receive a modeling opportunity, and she is driven to show that that is not necessary to it is in ultra-thin come succeed. In the meantime stress rise in between the new and old roommates as soon as Joanna and Andrea arrive. Air day : 27th-Mar-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 18 - Chicken scratch

After Zara ditches Aimee at the club, and takes part in trashing the house, the various other girls in the house come to be fed up with Zara\"s behavior. Air date : 3rd-Apr-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 19 - A small Ditty around Steve & DeAnn

In DeAnn\"s situation a kiss is not simply a kiss, particularly when Steve kisses one more woman, which painfully ends their relationship. Air day : 10th-Apr-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 20 - lord of Lies

It shows up that all the girls space pitted versus Jodie, together wall-to-wall drama in the home escalates. On an additional note, by traveling to Nashville Kerry attempts to song up she music career. Jodie decides to leaving the residence prematurely. Air day : 17th-Apr-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 21 - Shrink covering

Before the roommates attempt to reconcile damaged friendships together they guess their exit from the house, a flirty Zara rarifies the girls\" attempt to stage a charity fund-raising event. Air day : 24th-Apr-2007Read More

Season 1 illustration 22 - Shrink Wrapped: Reunion

All the women through out the season return to the house and get together with a psychologist to analysis their previous behavior, i beg your pardon doesn\"t sit well with Ty and Aimee. Also: Ripsi asks for Kerry\"s forgiveness. Air day : 1st-May-2007Read More

Season 1 episode 23 - Outrageous & Unseen

Aimee, Ty, Zara, Leslie, & Ripsi showcase highlights and unseen footage from the an initial season; three of the housemates prepare to leaving for the bad Girls road Trip. Air day : 5th-Jun-2007Read More

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