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Musicians have taken the number game to a whole brand-new level, quite literally. Numerous rock bands and independent artist actually have a number pointed out in their name. Is there something special about an arithmetical value expressed through words? Well, musicians have their very own reasons because that coming up v a band name that has numerals.

Significance of numbers in music Groups

Although numbers room mathematical symbols, for many musical groups they space of spiritual significance. In social mythology, history, and also religion numbers have actually special meanings. In music and also literature number are associated with spiritual or spiritual forms. The translate of number triggers from feelings within. Repetitive creates of numbers characterize a deep understanding of synchronicity. A variety of musicians usage numbers in your bands to denote details value through words that room compelling or abstract in form.

Although every number to represent a particular power linked with the universe, the use of numerals in bands names are often connected with a principle or idea. Being supremely symbolic expression in life, numbers are frequently used in names to leg or attach contrasting elements. Various objectives and standards might be created with use of numbers with words and symbols. Return the number device in numerology is quite wide-ranged, the principles apply in unique ways across genres.


What do Numbers symbolize in tape Names?

Numbers expressed through words, symbols, or numbers may represent something personal or convey one ideology. Musician may also incorporate a number in their band surname to give a broader perspective to a definition figuratively. Often numbers are integrated with native to offer a theatrical identification to a name. An arithmetical worth is added purposefully before or after details words to give distinct expression to names. The mix of words provided with numbers creates a dynamic structure identity and association.

Sometimes numerals are offered in a quirky manner to signify a dual entendre. While details band names room entirely comprised of a number, majority of names use numbers accompanied v words to denote a deeper knowledge of something reasonably simple. Although numerals are regularly used to provide an aesthetic feeling to names, periodically they might be offered to highlight unconventional facets related to life. Words and numbers are likewise combined to bring alive a sense of sarcasm or dark humor v names.

Zero is symbolic the totalityOne mirrors individuality, strength and confidenceTwo is associated with dualityThree represents the body, mind, and also spiritFour showcases calmness, kindness, and solidityFive personifies the soul of freedom and adventureSix connects a balance in between earthly and also extrasensory capacitiesSeven denotes spirituality awakening and also wisdomEight unites earthly elements with spirituality aspectsNine signifies higher consciousness, fulfillment, and enlightenmentTen unifies life v attainment and completeness.

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The list listed below showcases a varied collection of rock bands, different rock bands, indie rock bands, blues rock bands, pop rock bands, punk rock bands, hard rock bands, gothic rock bands, garage absent bands, country rock bands, and heavy metal bands that have numbers in them. If you have a view, opinion, or band suggestion, let us recognize in the comment section.

Top 10 ideal Rock Bands through Numbers in your Names

U23 Doors DownFive Finger fatality PunchBlink-182Twenty One PilotsAvenged SevenfoldThirty seconds to MarsMaroon 5Three work Grace5 seconds of Summer



12. Three Dog Night

13. Finger Eleven

14. 10cc

15. Six Feet Under

16. L7

17. Ben folds Five

18. Nine customs Nails

19. Level 42

20. Matchbox 20


21. 10,000 Maniacs

22. Ten years After

23. OneRepublic

24. 4 no Blondes

25. 36 Crazyfists

26. Sum 41

27. The Number Twelve Looks choose You

28. 2 Skinnee J’s

29. Sevendust

30. 3 inches of Blood

31. Eighteen Visions

32. Seven Mary Three

33. The 1975

34. 65daysofstatic

35. Thousand Foot Krutch

36. The B-52’s

37. Burned Seven

38. Fever 333


41. 5 Iron Frenzy

42. Agent 51

43. You Me at Six

44. 5 for Fighting

45. Third Strike

46. Family members Force 5

47. Spacemen 3

48. Powerman 5000

49. Dillinger Four

50. R5

51. Sham 69

52. 38 Special

53. Eve 6

54. Buck-O-Nine

55. Counting Five

56. 40 listed below Summer

57. 16 Volt

62. 12 Stones

63. Electrical Six

64. Dirty Three

65. One Minute Silence

66. 2 Door Cinema Club

67. At some point as a Lion

68. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

69. Delta 5

70. King 810

71. The 77s

72. H2O

73. Ripe Days

74. Third Eye Blind

75. Mob 47

76. 7 Horns 7 Eyes

82. M83

83. 30 Foot Fall

84. Five Americans

85. +44

86. The 4 Seasons

87. 7 Seconds

88. Mystery Chiefs 3

89. June the 44

90. The Minus 5

91. The Six components Seven

92. Sound tribe Sector 9

93. 3Teeth

94. Nine black color Alps

95. The Click Five

Other notable Rock Bands through Numbers in your Names

Two3 colours RedZero BoysThinking fellers Union local 28281dbBuilding 4291919We FiveThe 13th Floor Elevator3OH!3Q65Dimension ZeroSX-108stops7Solution .45The 440 AllianceOne Life CrewNine TreasuresApollo 440Link 80Dresden 451990sSix Finger SatellitePrimer 5522 JacksMinus SixPAX217The’sOne King DownAuthority ZeroCatch 22Nine54-40Condemned 84RF7Liverpool Five23 SkidooA Thousand time Repent10 Minute WarningSwirl 3608017 Year BitchAttaque 7731KnotsThe 4-Skins100 DemonsOne True Thing
3 Pill MorningLinea 77The ZerosCombat 8490 day MenA thousand HorsesN17Six MagicsRedemption 87Channel ZeroRIOT 11122-20s1313 Mockingbird LaneIsotope 217Sphere3The 4 HorsemenExcuse 172Cellos999Twenty TwentyFrankenstein Drag kings from world 13The Fe-Fi-Four add to 2The Dead 60s28 Days4 Jacks and a JillFactory 818mmThe Cryptkeeper FiveOficina G359 times the PainChildren 18:3V8Rhino 394LynMega City FourAcross five Aprils2 MinutosSeven WitchesThe opposite SixDeath From above 1979Crazy 8sFive Pointe O12Twelve‘68 Comeback4 out of 5 DoctorsGalaxie 500Tribe 8Lesser of Two
Screw 321GN48MaySeventeen EvergreenTwelve Foot NinjaQ5Three FishSR-71Fury that FiveTen yard FightLolita No. 18Better 보다 a ThousandSeven KingdomsArea-7Two GallantsPg. 99The 101ers10 second EpicSize 14Figure FourAC4Channel 31349The Ghost that a ThousandSix Feet Deep5iveMU330Number One GunRadio 430 Amp FuseBreed 7788 fingers Louie12085th ProjektFlatfoot 56SIN 342nd VisionBeer754 SecondsFive Star jail Cell38th Parallel1645 GraveThe third and the MortalEl Ten ElevenFifty Foot Hose7 shooting ScreamersLoaded 44
Seven ThornsBad4Good108Two hours TrafficSquad Five-O44 MagnumThird Day60. Ft. DollsThe third BardoJupiter OneTimbuk 3Aztec Two-StepSixteen DeluxeFrom ZeroOne step AwaySeventh Wonder9ELECTRICTwo WitchesThe Eleventh HouseSex Clark FiveTen Foot PoleFifth on the FloorOld 97’s1000 Homo DJsThe only OnesFrom a 2nd Storey WindowZero HourBeyond the sixth Seal13 Engines50 LionsLudwig von 88Terror 2000School of 7 Bells3Society 198 MuteThe 5th EstateElement EightySeventh AvenueBlanks 7725 ta LifeLucky 7Orange 9mmHurricane No. 1Section 25The 88Charta 77Lawson and also Four More