First off, let the be recognized that the titular “Bennie and also the Jets” space actually a fictitious band produced by Elton John and the song’s co-writer, Bernie Taupin.And Elton sings this song primarily from the viewpoint of one adoring pan of the group.And this is done in a comical means as in to make funny of young civilization who mindlessly follow musicians not based upon the sound they create per se however rather due your style, gimmicks and also special effects.Or as Taupin reportedly put it, this monitor is meant to offer as a satire of the popular music music industry.

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However, john goes a small deeper 보다 that, specifically in the 2nd verse. He offers cryptic language but basically alludes come “Bennie and the Jets” being representative that the gender gap in between their fans and their fans’ parents, through the recognition of generational differences being a major theme is overall American society at the time this track came out.

At the time “Bennie and also the Jets” to be released, Elton man would have actually been 26 years old. So that is feasible at that suggest that he to be mature and also experienced sufficient to poke out at the younger generation the music fans. And also for the many part, that seems to it is in what that is law in this song. However that is doing so primarily in a lighthearted path as once it comes to glam rock, the exact same musical format he is criticizing, the is around as flamboyant as they have ever come.



“Bennie and the Jets” regulated to top the Billboard warm 100 and also did the very same on Canada’s RPM optimal Singles Chart. Meanwhile in 1976, the peaked at number 37 ~ above the UK Singles Chart.The abovementioned special effects which Dudgeon incorporated contained samples indigenous a 1971 Jimi Hendrix album (“Isle that Wight”) and a 1972 Elton john concert at imperial Festival Hall, London.“Bennie and the Jets” originally came out as part of Elton’s man iconic Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. Follow to Elton John, the titular “Bennie” is a female and “the Jets” a girl band.“Bennie and also the Jets” was composed by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, who aided the Rocketman through writing numerous of his classics.

“Bennie and also the Jets” carried Elton John much more African American fans

In addition to its success top top the hot 100, the song likewise scored large on the Billboard hot Soul Singles graph (which has due to the fact that been renamed hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs). This feat marked the very first time Elton John damaged the height 40 on warm Soul chart list. Owing come this song’s acceptance by African-American audiences, John ultimately made an appearance on the above “Soul Train” show, a primarily-Black musical-variety show. Upon showing up on the show, man made history by becoming the first major White performer to carry out so.

Covers/Sampling/Interpolation the “Bennie and also the Jets”

This song has actually been covered, sampled or interpolated by anumber of well-known artists, consisting of the likes of:

Mary J. BligeThe Beastie BoysSolange Knowles Lady Gaga

Miguel and Wale likewise performed it in ~ the 40thAnniversaryCelebration the “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” in 2014.

Furthermore, Elton self sang it together the Muppets ona 19777 illustration of The Muppet Show.

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Sharon Kellogg says:
November 13, 2020 at 7:25 pm

I don’t know, maybe the intention to be to satirize, yet for me the track is a celebration of youth in all its carefree naivete and also rebellion against the condition quo.