8.1.1 Note: If you are a dual-threat, ns recommend purchase the Champro girdle (Shown in the running earlier section)
Best soccer girdles: This post will be damaged down right into the girdles every position must get based on their needs. For example, a defensive ago would require a girdle that permits for maximum movement, and a lineman would need a girdle with maximum protection.

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Best football girdle because that Linemen (OL/DL):

Adidas Techfit Ironskin 5 Mens Padded soccer Girdle


As we come to the finish of this article, I saved arguably the most important position top top the ar for last. The quarterback. Quarterbacks don’t need anything exceptionally fancy, just a reliable, heavy girdle that will be safety and enable for a full selection of motion.

Note: If you room a dual-threat, ns recommend purchasing the Champro girdle (Shown in the running back section)

The sign Five-Pad Girdle is the best choice for quarterbacks. The pads are solid and durable for as soon as you get hit. Friend can’t have QB1 walk down, for this reason purchase equipment that will safeguard you. This is additionally made from mainly nylon, which enables for a full variety of motion. The material is likewise moisture-wicking. The only downside to this girdle is the it isn’t as flashy as several of the others listed!

Solid and also durableAverage
Comes from a reputable brand
Allows for a full selection of motion
Moisture wicking material

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Why get a girdle?

Girdles, room a really important part to reduced body safety and security in the video game of football. You’ve acquired to be focused on the game, and you don’t have actually time come worry around uncomfortable pads. You have plays come make, and that’s gonna be hard to carry out if she wearing one uncomfortable girdle, or not even wearing one at all.

What we’re gonna do is walk you through the finest football girdles for the 2021 season, so you have the right to be protected, have actually fun and make plays.

Who needs a girdle?

Out of all the positions on the gridiron, linemen require girdles the most. This is due to the fact that they’re the ones who have the many physical contact on the field. Linebackers, running backs, and tight end are next in line, together they have the next many amount the contact. After them, quarterbacks, DB’s and receivers.

What come look for in a girdle:

When in search of the perfect football girdle, you’ll desire it to have 4 things. Comfort, flexibility, protection, and also not a the majority of weight. The perfect girdle has all four of those. Unfortunately, those are hard to find, for this reason luckily I’ve discovered them because that you! however first, let’s sophisticated on why your girdle needs all of those aspects.


This is relatively obvious, however if you’re not comfortable top top the field, opportunities are you won’t play well. You desire to be play well so you can make awesome to mark reels, and also get offers!


When you on the football field, she constantly changing direction, so friend need gear that doesn’t restrict girlfriend from quick alters in direction. Fortunately, most girdles currently consist that a stretchy, flexible dri-fit material, so friend don’t need to worry around this. If a girdle doesn’t have this though, don’t even think about buying it.


The #1 factor football players get girdles is for an ext protection, so this is the #1 thing we’re going to look for. You want to buy the girdle with the ideal padding so once you tackle or get tackled, you obtain up.


You don’t want your girdle to it is in so protective and also padded that it’s slow you under from too lot weight. Rate is the difference between a good athlete and also a good athlete, so nothing purchase gear that will certainly hinder her speed.

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Conclusion: finest football girdles

All in all, these are all an excellent girdles that will protect you top top the field. I very encourage you to gain the one because that your specific position, because great gear deserve to make a vast difference. Remember, her time in football is limited and nothing is guaranteed, for this reason purchase equipment that will protect you. That 100% worth it.