Anytime is a good time to watch a leave it to Beaver episode. But to carry out so while eat America’s favorite food is simply amazing. So, bust out the left over pizza or pick up a fresh pie in ~ the neighborhood pizzeria and come house to watch an episode or season of leave it come Beaver v the family.

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One of the finest ever household comedies developed for tv was leave it come Beaver. In an era of tv where studios produced 39 episodes a season, there are plenty of leave it come Beaver episodes to choose from.

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Here is our list of the top Ten leaving it come Beaver illustration to watch if you were only permitted to watch ten and also ten only. Now, top top our peak ten leave it to Beaver illustration to clock While eating Pizza

10. Beaver, the model – Season 3

Beaver does no heed the great advice that his father Ward and gets scammed by a fake modeling company in brand-new York City. He sends out in his picture to the firm and does not review the fine print which states he need to buy a modeling directory with his snapshot in it. Things favor this constantly happen once Beaver listens come Eddie Haskell and also his unsolicited advice.

9. Wally’s valuable Joke – Season 6

Wally and also Eddie’s girlfriend Lumpy Rutherford theatre a valuable joke ~ above both Eddie and Wally, placing acting bombs in every of their cars. Eddie plans revenge and ropes Wally right into the action. The useful joke go too much and huge damage is done to Lumpy’s car, much more damage 보다 was done to either Eddie’s or Wally’s car.

8. Wally the businessman – Season 3

Wally gets a an excellent summer project selling ice cream. Together he pedals around Mayfield peddling his goods, the sells too much of it on credit transaction to his friends. That’s a mistake. Big trouble is barely averted when it comes time for his boss to collect the ice cream cream proceeds.

7. Wally’s patent – Season 6

Every young knows the feeling of acquiring their license. Every parent knows that feeling too and also at the time it’s happening, they’re fear for your child and also possibly scared for other motorists on the road. In this episode, June lastly relents and also lets Wally take Driver’s education. It turns out that Wally isn’t together a an excellent driver when class begins, at least not as great as the girl taking the lessons v him.

6. The black Eye – Season 1

One of the finest episodes the shows just how cute the young Beaver deserve to be. You’ll be quoting the line, “You wanna acquire gressive v me?” for a long while after ~ watching this episode. Will certainly Beaver hit a girl who provided him a black color eye? Not knowing the perpetrator is a girl, Beaver’s father Ward teaches Beaver just how to fight back against the son who hurt his son.

5. Water Anyone? – Season 1

Talk around a manipulator, on among the hottest job of the summer, Beaver finds out that the city is walk to cut off the water in his neighborhood. That takes advantage of his mystery knowledge and also corners the water market, selling cups of water come Wally and all of his friends.

4. The large Fish counting – Season 4

Eddie Haskell it s okay a project at the regional pet store. The shop runs a contest to guess: v how plenty of fish room in a tank. The finest guess wins a an excellent prize. Eddie to know the count and also tells his girlfriend Lumpy Rutherford. He promises not come tell anyone else. Assumption: v what? Lumpy lied. The end result is hilarious and Eddie will have actually to find a new job.

3. Beaver’s first Date – Season 5

A few Leave it come Beaver episodes emphasis on Beaver’s time at dancing school. In this one, Beaver actually enjoys going. Of course, it’s since of a girl. V Wally’s help, he it s okay the nerve up to ask her the end to a formal dance put on through the school. That enjoys her time with her, however in the end, learns more about girls than he want to learn.

2. In the Soup – Season 4

Wally is going to have actually a party at home and wants Beaver out of the house due to the fact that Beaver causes trouble and embarrasses Wally once the huge kids are around. Beaver is pawned off on Whitey Whitney and also will invest the night at his house. With Beaver out of the house, there’s no method he might embarrass Wally, or is there?

1. Wally’s Haircomb – Season 2


Of all leaving it come Beaver episodes, this one will have you laughing the most. It will also hit very close to residence if you’ve ever raised a kid who want to refer his individuality. The episode additionally expresses some really an excellent parenting advice that is still appropriate for youngsters of today’s generation. You’ll clock this illustration over and over again and also enjoy the every time.

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Now that we’ve called our top ten leave it to Beaver episodes, it’s time for you come share yours. We look forward to your episodes or finish lists.

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Now, it’s also time to clock Beaver on her favorite maker and get some of the leftover pizza out of the fridge.