Miss Blankenship was good at crossword puzzle puzzles. Here in new York City, over there is only one crossword puzzle and that’s the brand-new York Times’. On Mondays, it’s easy peasy. On Tuesdays, it’s fairly easy. Wednesdays’ space average. Thursdays room hard. The people on Fridays and also Saturdays, though, space the toughest (yes, also tougher than the ones in the Sunday magazine, in my opinion). Through Thursday the answers space tricky. It’s not simply a issue of learning lots that words and also filling in the blanks. You have to know nuance, punnery, wordplay. In bespeak to settle those, you have to think outside the box, so come speak. The course, favor all puzzles, once it’s done, girlfriend think around how plain and an easy the price was. Why did it need to take all day to number out something that was simply a matter of an altering your outlook?

In “The Beautiful Girls,” Don is together clueless around how to take care of his daughter as Bert Cooper is about crossword puzzles. Seriously, anyone who does them routinely knows that the go-to word because that a flightless bird is EMU. Not just is it basic answer, it’s likewise a poignant answer; is over there anything sadder than a bird — the an extremely symbol of liberty — the can’t fly? and as we know, the Mad men writers have actually a weakness for birds.

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Who’s the emu in the episode? The recently divorced Don that no longer needs to sneak around to bed all the ladies he wants? Sally, a child who’s obviously no carefree? Joan, Peggy, Faye — each one beholden to outdated and inadequate rules around what women deserve to or cannot do? In this episode, every character is imprisoned in a instance that, choose a Saturday times crossword puzzle, at very first seems insoluble and yet one who solution entails a straightforward paradigm shift.

Why can’t Don asking his clearly distressed daughter why she refuses to go ago home? In his emotionally reality, it never once wake up to that to put himself in his daughter’s shoes. That is so captured up v his own helplessness precisely due to the fact that his daughter’s situation reminds that of one the he himself experienced and also that he’d fairly forget. Prick Whitman’s (step)mother was as distant and also resentful of him together Betty is through Sally. (Bet Don could come up v a helluva marketing slogan because that amnesia.) Sally’s distress reawakens his own and takes him earlier to the days once he was a child, unloved and abandoned and , worst of all, helpless to change his fate. For Don to solve the puzzle the his daughter’s intractable behavior, he has to detach indigenous his own feelings, to action out the his very own anxiety and actually empathize v Sally.

Sally is she father’s daughter and also so her equipment to her difficulties is to operation away, similar to Don did. For a couple of hours she take away flight and also is the master of her very own existence. (And deserve to we stand up and applaud her bravery? She operation away come Manhattan back when it to be still Manhattan and also not only does she do it to she Dad’s office, she also makes the French Toast. I understand 40 year old women who can’t carry out as much.) favor Don, she runs away into fantasy. She will live v her Dad and she will make the breakfast and also then they’ll walk to the zoo. What’s more, because that a little while, whatever goes follow to her plan. However then the all captures up to her and also the fantasy is over. She takes flight once more across SCDP’s waxed floors and also falls. All the adults stare, helpless us in the challenge of she distress.

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Haven’t we all been, at once or another, completely helpless in the challenge of a child’s distress, particularly when she’s fighting through her parents? have to we intervene? have to we to speak something come the father? should we target out, let them number it out? ~ all, just how do we understand what is really going on? How numerous of us has reacted prefer Megan, who clearly sees what is prior to her: A frightened and also hurt tiny girl who requirements a loving embrace?

Here’s the point that story teach us: How complicated it is to recognize what to carry out when recorded up in the emotions the the moment. As soon as we are involved, that is as if we were faced with a look at insoluble puzzle because we are so invest in fixing it that we can’t think the the most basic answer. Bet miss out on Blankenship would’ve well-known that. It’s the type of knowledge that comes v the years choose three lettered native for inexplicable creatures.