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Gents:My engine overheated and apparently I require a brand-new head gasket as the vehicle will no run for much more than 15 minutes with out acquiring hot and the sweet odor of antifreeze out the tailpipe. If I pick to take it it come a BMW mechanic to do these repairs, what is the round park financial number I am looking at?? The engine has around 109,000 on it and also the head was reworked with brand-new seals and and head gasket by the previous owner whom ns purchased the engine from. However I didn"t realize the the old Radiator essential to it is in replaced and apparently this is what overheated my very first engine and also now this replacement. Suggestions? Thoughts? A fair industry price because that the repairs?
You may need an ext than a head gasket. Is the mechanic a BMW specialist? If not, uncover one:
Ed in san Jose "97 540i 6 speed aspensilber over aubergine leather. Develop date 3/97. Gold Gate chapter BMW CCA Nr 62319.

The whole cooling mechanism is a weak link, dooming the engine if you don"t overhaul the cooling mechanism every 5 or for this reason years:Cooling device overhaul DIYs:
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