Helen Hunt and Leelee Sobieski room both well-known for really different varieties of TV shows and also movies. While hunt is well known for starring together the hilarious Jamie ~ above the "90s sitcom Mad about You, which got a reboot i beg your pardon Hunt supported for, Sobieski is recognized for the romantic drama Here top top Earth and the thriller The Glass House. Sobieski likewise starred in Never been Kissed, and fans love when drew Barrymore mutual a throwback Never been Kissed short article

While this stars have had different paths in Hollywood, people talk about them a lot for one huge reason. Let"s take a look at why people say that they can be sisters.

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space They Related?

over there are numerous famous siblings who fans love following, and people love the close relationship Paris and Nicky Hilton have.

It would certainly be cool if Helen Hunt and also Leelee Sobieski yes, really were related... However that"s not true.

However, people think they room sisters because they look at alike, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The publication notes that human being have wonder if Sobieski is the younger sister the Hunt.

Leelee Sobieski"s IMDb page likewise has a referral to just how they look the same.

NZ Herald wrote a story about how Sobieski decided to protect against acting in recent years and also called she a "baby Helen Hunt." there are similar references to just how Sobieski looks prefer a younger variation of hunting in numerous articles.

Someone mutual in a Reddit thread, "The reality that Helen Hunt there is no played Leelee Sobieski’s mom in a movie by currently is a cinematic oversight." someone replied, "The same is uncanny."

even a evaluation of Never to be Kissed that Peter Travers composed for Rolling Stone mentions how the actresses look alike: Travers composed that the character of Aldys to be played through "Leelee Sobieski, that looks an ext like Helen Hunt v each role."

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if Helen Hunt has starred in plenty of movies, from As great As that Gets to Then She discovered Me, she is finest known for her duty as Jamie ~ above the 90"s sitcom Mad around You.

In fact, Hunt won an Oscar for her duty in As good As the Gets. She mutual in an interview with The Guardian that she feel "nervous" back then due to the fact that of the level the fame and attention the she got.

She explained, "I nothing think I have that sort of reputation now. I haven’t been, in my personal life, therefore intriguing that I’ll constantly be that famous. Ns haven’t tried come make that happen. I’d prefer to be well known so I deserve to get much more jobs, yet it has quietened down.”

Hunt and also Paul Reiser came back for the Mad around You reboot and also Hunt told The Guardian how she felt about it: “I’m concerned that fine wreck it. Yet you never know. Ns don’t understand if ns going come be good in something, it is what renders it exciting; the danger that it might not walk well. Ns pretty practiced at putting the issue aside.”

Why Leelee Sobieski Quit Acting

while those who prospered up or come of period in the "90s psychic Leelee Sobieski from movies such as Here on Earth and Never to be Kissed, she hasn"t had any kind of starring functions in more recent years.

follow to Vice.com, she decided to stop acting. This go happen regularly to son stars or others who came to be famous once they were young.

The publication detailed that ~ marrying Adam Kimmel, a fashion designer, and starting her family, she wanted to dedicate time come them. She also said that at the age of 15, she to be responsible for covering her parents" home"s rent, and it was as well much. She took her husband"s critical name as well.

Sobieski claimed in one interview through AnOther, “Things got facility for me… So when I could, i stopped. It’s type of a gross industry—well, they every are, as soon as you research them—but in exhilaration you’re offering your appearance therefore much. I would cry every time I had to kiss somebody; i couldn’t stomach it. I would think ‘I choose this person, so ns don’t think they need to pay me to kiss them,’ or ‘I don’t favor this person, so i don’t want to kiss them’. Why is my kiss because that sale?’ it made me feel really cheap."

The List reported that Sobieski has a visual art degree and that she has become passionate around painting.

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It provides sense that human being wonder if Leelee Sobieski and also Helen Hunt are siblings since they watch so much alike, but they aren"t related. It"s just an amazing resemblance that world truly can"t obtain over.

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