The an initial stage in completing this DLC is to finish all 15 story missions. Follow me the way, try to execute as countless side missions as friend can, collection money, and also level up.

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Stage 2: various TrophiesNext, you will desire to end up up the 3 easy assorted trophies if girlfriend haven"t already done them.

Stage 3: The Raid BossFinally, friend will should reach the brand-new maximum level the 61, complete all 28 next missions, and defeat the first ever Borderlands raid boss, Crawmerax the Invincible! This will be by much the most time consuming and an overwhelming step.
The secret Armory of general Knoxx takes location after the events of the key story, in which Atlas and also the Crimson Lancers proceed their assault on the vault hunters, who look for out a substantial armory Atlas controls. General Knoxx, one Atlas leader, attempts to avoid them, if a siren called Athena defects to aid the vault hunters to escape Pandora of Atlas forces once and also for all!Here room a few things come note around this DLC:The DLC is accessed by travel to T-Bone Junction indigenous a quick travel board.On playthrough 1, the missions will it is in scaled to around level 35 - 38.The DLC introduces new vehicles and also many new areas that space actually quite big in comparison come the various other DLCs.A significant emphasis of this DLC is on car travel, because of the large size of every area. This is cool at first but starts come really traction on having actually to drive ago and soon from one next of the map to the other simply to rotate in quests.It is recommended the you finish all goals in a an ar and climate save and quit and reload so friend spawn ago at T-Bone Junction, cutting down on travel time.As v the remainder of the game, whatever can be done in co-op (online or splitscreen) or solo.Completing the main story of the DLC will approve you a free skill point and many other loot.A new type of weapon classification has been included with this DLC dubbed pearlescent, a cyan fancy weapon course superior to also orange/dark orange weapons.The time and challenge of this DLC is completely dependent on what technique you usage to fight Crawmerax the raid boss and how you decision to level up. Because that example, if you have actually a really great partner or team, or a modded weapon, this DLC drops to a 3/10. Play as Lilith also makes the fight easier and the glitch much easier to access.
This trophy will certainly be earned upon completion of the third story mission the the DLC "Greasemonkey". Every you will need to do in the first three missions is follow your map to a couple of places to obtain parts for the car, dealing with a pair enemies along the way. At the finish of this mission, you will activate your new car (the Monster) that have the right to now be accessed from any kind of Catch a ride station. 
This trophy will be earned upon completion of the eighth story mission the the DLC "Prison Break: try Not To get Shanked", while trying out the prison (Lockdown Palace). The mission will certainly involve going through the prison killing the various adversaries along the way until you with a feet in the floor that will certainly drop you into the shower head area. As soon as here, friend will need to fight a boss called Mr Shank. Shank primarily assaults with quick melee strikes using, friend guessed it, shanks. He also has a strong shield. The ideal strategy is to usage a shock based weapon come take down his shield, then an incendiary weapon come score headshots once the shield goes down.After killing Shank, continue moving v the prison, at some point making your method to the top level of the cell block, whereby a cutscene will certainly play and also you will certainly rescue Athena, perfect the mission and giving you the trophy. Unfortunately, Athena won"t re-publishing the teleporting device with you, for this reason you"ll need to take the long means back come T-Bone Junction...
This trophy will certainly be deserve upon perfect of the last two story objectives of the DLC, "Armory Assault" and also "Loot Larceny". Please see the spoiler section listed below for details on these missions, together they finish the story.For Armory Assault, girlfriend will attack the Lance Depot, which will encompass a ceo fight versus General Knoxx midway through. Knoxx himself isn"t really that bad, however after a few moments that will start to summon allies that will make this a lot much more problematic. As soon as a 3rd of his health and wellness is gone, he will certainly send the end a couple of medics and two devastators, and the medics deserve to heal every one of them, so death the medics first. Once around 80% of his health is gone, he will certainly send the end at least one can be fried devastator and an ext medics. An ext and an ext enemies will certainly come out as the hit goes on, so you have to beat him relatively fast. Together for Knoxx himself, he has actually two shock cannons and also a jumping assault that all do decent damage. The best method to death him is with crucial hits and a corrosive weapon, preferably quick fire weapons. As soon as Knoxx go down, monitor the path until you deserve to turn in the mission.
For loot Larceny, you will certainly be offered 2 minutes and 30 secs to loot the armory. Basically, take as much as you have the right to from the chests roughly the area until the time runs out. In ~ this point, the mission will certainly end and the armory will certainly be destroyed, finishing the mission and unlocking the trophy.
Once you have completed the key story that the DLC, you will certainly be presented with a mission native the T-Bone Junction bounty board dubbed "You. Will. Die." This mission will certainly be set to at least level 61 ~ above playthrough 1, and also will constantly range to a level above you as soon as you reach 61. To finish the mission, you need to kill Crawmerax, the an initial raid ceo in the franchise. Girlfriend fight Crawmerax by going come Deep Fathoms and also up a mystery path come the north.
Crawmerax is an extremely difficult boss the will range to 4 levels over the highest ranked player (up come a best of 72) in the video game at the time. The is a large crab-like adversary that will kill girlfriend in simply a couple hits. He attacks by spitting purple goo, lunging from really far away, and doing a dive strike that causes a shockwave, with all three strikes being devastating.He can also summon various smaller enemies to attack:Craw Maggots: Worm-like adversaries that aren"t overly difficult to kill and also will range to 1 level above the player.Green Craw Worms: Larger green opponents that space weak to fire and will scale to 2 levels over the player.

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Armored Craw Worms: even larger purple armored enemies that room weak to corrosion and also scale come 3 levels above the player.Crawmerax"s boundless spawning minions can administer a great amount the XP per kill, permitting you to level up relatively fast for
 Ding! Overleveled come 11 if friend still require the trophy.Basically, all of the enemies, specifically Crawmerax, will certainly kill friend in just a couple hits, and are very hard to lug down in the "fight for your life" downed state, therefore going under usually means restarting if you room attempting this solo. This ceo is virtually impossible to execute legit if you room alone, though there is a glitch point out that will be in-depth below. Therefore, you will absolutely desire to lug along a full four player team come fight this boss. Crawmerax will certainly not take damage if friend hit the bulk of his body, so you will need to target the small purple areas on his four claws/arms, his head, and behind his head.If you have multiple players, climate you deserve to have one or two players run about distracting Crawmerax if the others fire at any type of exposed position. The purple areas don"t have actually as much health as you might think, and a variety of hits with a an effective weapon will take them out, potentially in simply a couple of minutes. The main issue with the hit is how an effective his attacks are, and also the dangers of his minions. Also, utilizing transfusion weapons occasionally seems to heal Crawmerax, so stop using them.If you desire to do this struggle legit while solo, you will need to keep relocating no matter what, taking sniper, revolver, or rocket launcher shots in ~ his weak point out whenever you can. Lilith is most likely the ideal character for this fight, as her phasewalk action skill deserve to make you invisible and therefore not gain hit during usage, permitting you priceless time to heal and regroup. Elemental weapons don"t really job-related any better than continuous or explosive weapons on the boss, so they aren"t essential for him, but are really useful for his minions. Friend will also want to lug in plenty of health kits.However, over there is a way to complete this boss solo there is no a whole lot of actual difficulty, despite the fight will take the far better part of one hour this way. As shortly as you leave the elevator that takes you to the boss arena, run to the wall surface between the N and also NW mite on the map whereby you will discover a tiny ledge just below the key floor. If friend wait right here a couple of seconds, Crawmerax and his minions have to start roaring repeatedly however won"t really relocate or come after you; this is just how you know you did the glitch correctly. The glitch just works about fifty percent the time, and also doesn"t occupational if you take it too long to reach the spot, or shot to assault anything before getting there. Now, you have the right to take her time, firing at Crawmerax"s weak spots or his minions. If you room playing as Roland or have any type of sort the ammo regeneration ability, use it, as this will permit you come wait right here indefinitely when firing in ~ the boss.Even this strategy has actually a defect though, as one of Crawmerax"s weak spots is top top his back, and also in the glitch spot, he won"t turn about for it to it is in hit. Girlfriend will need a rocket launcher and also some means to regenerate ammo to execute this properly. When you have actually knocked off every his arms, target at the longest "bristle" looking point on his back and shoot just prior to he finishes roaring. V luck, the rockets will certainly strike his weak suggest and do a small damage. Keep repeating this because that a really lengthy time and he will ultimately go down.The best all at once strategy is to integrate the glitch spot with having additional players. If one player automatically runs to the glitch spot and also crouches, they must rarely acquire attacked, allowing the other players to fight the boss. This means that if the others walk down, having one player in this point out will stop Crawmerax"s wellness from gift refilled ~ above player respawn. Regardless of what method you use, this boss will take a most skill and/or time to lug down, and numerous attempts will be necessary.PS4 NOTE: top top the PS4 variation the glitch doesn"t yes, really work. The is much harder to also activate, so the is recommended that if you desire to use it, that you space playing together Lilith as result of her Phasewalking capacity (it renders it far easier to gain to the spot and also lose Crawmerax"s attention). Even if you gain it come work, the ledge is raised a little, do shots much harder to land. Therefore, it is honestly much better just to do this hit legit with various other players.Crawmerax Kill using Glitch