The 1991 Stadium club Brett Favre rookie card is one of the ideal Brett Favre cards ever before produced. This amazing Topps cards mirrors Favre in his university uniform and has come to be the finest Brett Favre rookie map to own. The stadium Club card is a high quality football card i beg your pardon has a high gloss finish and is usually perfectly centered. Nicked corners and also frayed edges room problem areas with this good card. This card is an awesome investment that the future hall of fame quarterback. His impressive abilities, record-breaking stats, and stamina have made him among the ideal quarterbacks to ever before play in the NFL. His charismatic play additionally helps his popularity and card value.

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1991 Stadium society Brett Favre RC card Details:

Player Name: Brett Favre

Brand: Topps stadium Club

Card #: 94

Year: 1991

Category: Football

Buying Tips

Make sure that before you to buy a 1991 stadium society Brett Favre rookie map you salary close attention to the corners of these cards. These borderless cards hide flaws so close inspection of corners is needed prior to purchasing these cards. This football cards room not particularly scarce so take your time to find one in premium condition.


There space no variations come this card also though people have tried come tell others the error cards exist. Brett’s last name was misspelled on the prior of the card which make some think it to be an error card. This is not the instance as the error was never ever corrected.


Investment Potential

The 1991 Stadium club Brett Favre RC currently sells for about $20 ungraded. Gem MT 10 versions offer for $150-$250. These cards are gaining harder and also harder to find in the $150 selection as collectors continue to buy castle up. Investors have also taken notice and have been including these Favre rookies to your portfolios the cards.

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These cards were no mass created like some of the other Favre rookie cards created in 1991. Because it is one of his scarcest cards you deserve to expect them to proceed to increase in the year to come. We take into consideration this epic card a must have actually for any type of serious football map collector. An outstanding rookie of among the best quarterbacks to ever before play the game.