The Guinness publication of people Records does not rank toughness of courses. Newly Facebook users have actually been posting statuses bragging the their ar of study in college was ranked the toughest through the Guinness publication of civilization Records.

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The standing usually looks favor this:

"Engineering" has been liked as the "toughest" course amongst all the courses consisting of BCOM, BCA, IAS, IPS and MBBS; through the Guinness publication of people Records, on 18 Aug 2010. It has actually 58 university exams + 130 series exams + 174 assignments in ~ 4 years (max. 750 working days). All engineers article this ~ above your wall for at least 2 hrs & be proud to it is in an engineer!...

Problem is, Guinness walk not store such records about the "toughness" of university courses/fields the study.

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That said, right here are some courses Facebook customers have asserted are the toughest, based on number of exams, assignments and years to complete.

Bachelors of science in NursingBachelor of scientific research in ArchitectureBachelor of scientific research in Engineering

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