offered the burning reaction C3H8+5O2->3CO2+4H2O, exactly how may liters the carbon dixide have the right to be developed from 1.00 liters of O2 at standard temperature and also pressure?
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`C_3H_8+5O_2 rarr 3CO_2+4H_2O`

At STP 1 mol that `O_2` contains 22.4L.


1L the `O_2` contains `1/22.4` mol (0.045mol)

So we have actually 0.045mol that `O_2` .

Mole ratio

`O_2:CO_2 = 5:3`

Amount of `CO_2` developed `= 0.045/5xx3 = 0.027mol`

in ~ STP 1mol of `CO_2` contains...

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`C_3H_8+5O_2 rarr 3CO_2+4H_2O`


At STP 1 mol that `O_2` consists of 22.4L.


1L the `O_2` includes `1/22.4` mol (0.045mol)


So we have 0.045mol of `O_2` .


Mole ratio

`O_2:CO_2 = 5:3`


Amount the `CO_2` created `= 0.045/5xx3 = 0.027mol`


At STP 1mol the `CO_2` includes 22.4L.


Volume the `CO_2` developed `= 22.4/1xx0.027 = 0.6L`


So 0.6L of `CO_2` will certainly be developed when 1L the `O_2` reacted v `C_3H_8` .



`CO_2` and also `O_2` behaved as right gasses.

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Stoichiometry Propane (C3H8) have the right to be melted to create heat because that homes. The assets of the reaction room CO2 and H2O. For complete burning to occur, the ratio of the amounts of propane come oxygen... will assist you with any kind of book or any question. Ours summaries and analyses room written through experts, and also your inquiries are answered by actual teachers.