I to be a nun, a Buddhist, and a Christian. Ns was a hermaphrodite. This is the people from a different point of view.

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Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris - If Caesar to be alive, you"d be chained come an oar What, you may ask yourselves, and rightly so, would make a nun so hopping mad that it would reason her to want someone chained to an oar? The answer come that inquiry is simple:Someone that leads an additional human being away from God.It is one thing to dislike God yourself. Earlier in the day, as they say, when mother Superior was first considering being a nun, she took a course for world who to be considering whether or not they had a vocation. One day at the class, mother Superior pointed out that she was very mad in ~ God all week long. She even hollered in ~ Him. The nuns conducting the course told her that it was good that she had a close enough relationship with God come holler in ~ Him.I had to think about that one because that awhile when I first heard it.Think of it this way. My sister (who is also my mommy Superior) sometimes gets fairly angry through me. Think of it in terms of the idea the a “whipping boy” just this time do it a “whipping nun.” correctly Virginia, nuns are humans too and also sometimes we gain mad - ns don’t have actually my halo fairly yet but I am working on it. If girlfriend ask mother Superior why she yells in ~ me (I did) as well as the times once I have deserved that (I occasionally have) she will define it this way. She would certainly tell you, as she walk me, that Sister Julie is just one of the civilization she trusts enough to yell at. Huh?She trusts me enough to yell at since she knows i will constantly forgive her, even if it is she was justified in yelling in ~ me or not. No matter how I might feel in ~ the time, ns will constantly forgive her and also she to know that. That my friends, bring away a whopping large load of trust.Think additionally in these terms, if someone is angry through you, it is in it a loved one or a friend, would certainly you rather have actually that human being angry with you and also shouting at you - or angry through you and also giving you “the silent treatment.” as for me, I had two good aunts who gave each other the silent therapy for over 20 years - and also the anger died with them both. Yet at the very least if you space shouting at someone you space still talking, eh?But what the those world who give God, by whatever name they call Him, the silent treatment? Those civilization who gain so upset they walk away from God entirely. If someone wants to walk far from God, they certainly can. Together a nation we have actually done for this reason - us tell God to gain out of ours schools, and our job-related places. Whereby I job-related to help support the convent an official memo came out banning God native the office. That is a government office, and all discussions around God wherein prohibited. I wonder if God acquired the memo? ns am certain He did.It is one thing to walk far from God, to abandon Him. It is another thing totally to command someone else in the very same direction - and THAT is what it s okay me dance mad.God has actually saved my life. His love has readjusted my life. Prior to I to be going to kill myself. When I reached the allude of mine life wherein I to be willing to finish it every I offered my life to God. Unconditionally. Ns woke up the following morning through the burning desire to be a nun, and also a buddhist nun at that. The point is, in ~ the time, i wasn’t also a Buddhist. So below I am, a readjusted woman. Of all the world in my high school, I definitely would have actually been voted “least most likely to end up being a nun” - at the moment the human being didn’t even consider me the right sex (I guess I can have become half a nun then).God saved my life.St. Teresa of Avila once said she would offer a thousand resides to save one soul.The boy of the founder the the college of Buddhism ns follow said really much the very same thing.Yet from time come time, I fulfill someone who blames God for their woes and walks far from Him; and also leads other human being away indigenous God as well.Misery doesn’t simply love company, it needs it.Sometimes we space wont come shake our fist at the sky and say “You go this come me God.” In the instance of the woman we care for in the convent, no one stuck the tobacco in she mouth and also made her smoke because that 52 years. In truth a lot of world tried to acquire her to quit. (Before any smokers go on around how difficult it is come quit, I offered to smoke and I quit). However very couple of times go anyone, after they blame God, ever ask WHY other happened.I said, “God you did this to me. Friend made me born the means I am!”God said, “Yes ns did it.”At this suggest God could have said, “But i am God and also what space you going to do about it?” however God, gift the gentleman and loving father that He is explained WHY that did it. As soon as I finally interpreted (it take it me awhile) and realized no only just how much I have learned native it, yet that it also gave me a opportunity to endure for God, I had one response for God…“Thanks Dad.”But the doesn’t constantly happen. As soon as something happens of our very own making, or simply HAPPENS, people don’t always turn come God in response. That person is free to walk away from God.The woman that was among the co-founder of the school of Buddhism ns follow lived embracement. She lived her life for it, and also died for it. Over there are plenty of paths come God, and she to be willing to accept everyone’s path. That is a rarely quality, even now. So plenty of times together a race, people are too busy informing others the they have actually the only real path to God. In the college of Buddhism to which i belong the founders TOLD people to keep every little thing faith lock had before they pertained to Buddhism.But the founders space gone, and things change.There is a mrs in my holy place I will call “Buddhist X”. She has walked away from God. Any type of discussion the Jesus and also the Holy household seems to offend her. She has had actually shouting matches in the holy place with Christians telling them they can’t pray to God. Yet, prefer Thomas Merton, there room many world in my temple who space both Christian and also Buddhist. Remember, the founders of this college of Buddhism lived and died to carry out a ar where world like thomas Merton and also I would certainly be accepted with open up arms. Yet Buddhist X and others have tried to command others far from Christianity. They have actually told lock they are forbidden come pray directly to God. They spend their time do the efforts to drive a wedge between God and also mankind. Buddhist X even tried to journey a wedge in between Mother Superior and also I. She do the efforts to destroy our convent when it remained in it’s infancy. If the founders of the college of Buddhism i follow were alive today, they would die the shock again to check out what buddhist X and those like her space trying to perform to the path to God they established - buddhism X and also those favor her shot to use it to separate God and also Mankind.Do i think buddhist X deserves to be chained come an oar? friend bet, yet that is not my decision come make. God have the right to handle that on his own.

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Mine reaction will constantly be the same. Ns will continue to pray because that Buddhist X every day.God Bless girlfriend All,Sister Julie