It’s come time because that your automobile to go for a vehicle inspection. Just there shows up to it is in a problem. Her car’s airbag light is on, and also you’re now worried it will reason your vehicle to fail the inspection.

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You may have actually recently to buy a new car, to uncover that the airbag irradiate is on, and this wasn’t reported together a fault. Now you need to have the vehicle inspected, and it has actually become second problem because that you to issue about. Or, you can even have been driving, and the airbag irradiate suddenly showed up on the dash.


Should her vehicle’s airbag be missing or your airbag irradiate be inoperative, your vehicle will fail the MOT inspection. However, the is incredibly critical to note that if the passenger airbag light has been switched off, this is not grounds for you to fail the MOT inspection.

As lengthy as the passenger airbag light isn’t displaying a device fault and the airbag is energetic and in the car, you will pass the MOT inspection.

Why Is This Important?

Passing an MOT inspection is an important if you desire your vehicle to be roadworthy. If one airbag light is illuminated, inoperative, or missing, you will fail one MOT inspection. It is crucial to understand what could reason your auto to fail the MOT inspection.

This is so the you prevent wasting her time and the risk of having actually an unroadworthy car.

What does It typical If My automobile Airbag light Is On?

A vehicle airbag light deserve to come on and stay on because that many different reasons. If you deserve to identify this reasons, you can fix the airbag fault before taking it because that a regular or MOT inspection.

Your dare Airbags space No much longer Active

Perhaps the most noticeable reason your automobile airbag light is ~ above is that the vehicle airbags were deployed. If you have actually purchased a automobile or desire to to buy a car, friend will need to examine if the airbags space still active. If the airbags walk off, this can be why your auto displays a examine airbag light on the dash.

Presently and also in the future, this could save girlfriend time and money and also alert you to any feasible car accidents.

The dare Steering Wheel was Removed

Another reason your car’s airbag light could be on is if someone took the steering wheel off in ~ some allude in time. Removal of the steering wheel breaks the electric connection in between the airbag sensors and the car’s engine manage unit. This would bring about a examine airbag light coming up.

This way that somebody could have had actually to change your car steering wheel, and also they didn’t reconnect the airbag. Otherwise, it might simply typical that her steering wheel was eliminated to gain access to the steering column. One of two people way, friend will have to take the automobile into a mechanic or auto shop. Castle can address the airbag light being on and deal with it.

There Is An electrical Fault In her Car

Additionally, your vehicle airbag light might be on because of an electrical fault. Since the airbag functions off of sensors, over there is a most wiring roughly the steering column. This could cause a wiring fault that could be triggering her airbag light to switch on.

Should this it is in what is transpiring, friend will need to take your auto to one auto electrician. The auto electrician would then need to follow the wires come identify the fault and also fix it. Once they have uncovered the fault and also fixed it, the airbag light need to switch off.

Your vehicle Was In one Accident

Frequently one airbag light being on is an indication that a boy accident occurred. Any type of past accident or future accident might be the reason of her car’s airbag light gift on. Also an accident that hasn’t led to the airbags come deploy could cause the airbag irradiate to switch on.

Taking the automobile into a mechanic to carry out a diagnostic test will aid to fix the difficulty of the light being on. Additionally, it would also alert girlfriend to any other potential issues.

Why Is This Important?

It is vital to know why your airbag light is on. Understanding why that is on will alert you come what you must do come fix it. You will also boost the likelihood of your automobile passing an MOT inspection ~ above the first try.

In conclusion, your car won’t pass or fail a conventional or consistent inspection if the airbag light is on. However, if girlfriend don’t resolve the issue, the vehicle will not pass an MOT inspection. ~ a regular inspection, you have to know exactly how to deal with the airbag light issue.

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You will additionally learn how quickly you will need to fix it. Girlfriend will likewise understand what is compelled for friend to pass an MOT inspection.