It’s a question you never ever thought you’d asking yourself: what perform I carry out if my cat are having sex? acquire ready because that ‘The Talk’.

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Just when I thought I wasn’t going to have a Valentine’s day post, inspiration struck. Well, actually, ‘inspiration’ started a wanton screen in my living room.

As several of you know, Loki and Izumi have gotten quite close. It’s one of the reasons we made decision to save her. These 2 lovebirds external inspection quickly and formed an age-appropriate relationship that, till last night, was strictly PG.

“What perform I Do? What Can ns Do?”

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class=" wp-image-1248" src="" alt="Male and also female cats will perform what cats do, regardless of even if it is they space neutered or spayed. Find out what you should do if your cats are having actually sex in our recent blog write-up at The Meow Place. Insanity the snapshot to store reading." width="601" height="400" srcset=" 640w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 601px) 100vw, 601px" data-jpibfi-post-excerpt="" data-jpibfi-post-url="" data-jpibfi-post-title="My cat Are having actually Sex! What do I Do?" data-jpibfi-src="" data-recalc-dims="1">When the moon hits her eye favor a huge pizza pie, that’s amore!“What do I do?” was my very first question. Do I just let them have at it? Is it poor for their relationship if i let them? need to I break it up? What if it becomes a habit? Is it normal that my cat are having actually sex?

Mating is an pet instinct; I understand this. However, I’m not sure just how it influence the dynamics of a cat family members when it’s allowed between kitty siblings. So, I’m below to answer the question: what must cat owner do when Cupid’s arrow strikes?

Make sure Your Cat Is Spayed/Neutered

Loki is neutered, and also Izumi has an meeting to be spayed this mainly (it was collection up before this ever happened – great timing!). If you find that your cat are having sex or space attempting to mate, and also you don’t want kittens around, have actually them fixed.

One fairly disturbing tidbit I uncovered while researching this was the veterinarians will execute cat abortions. I recognize many civilization (myself included) find this abhorrent; if you desire to stop putting you yourself in a case where this becomes an option, gain YOUR CAT SPAYED/NEUTERED.

How lengthy Should i Wait before Having mine Female Cat Spayed?

Female cats can enter heat at together young as 4 months. They can have a litter of kittens at as young as six months. Don’t believe the myth that cats can’t be spayed until six months old – that’s simply plain BS.

Cats can be spayed or neutered as young as eight weeks. Many shelters carry out spay/neuter surgeries in ~ this age, so there’s no reason your veterinarian can’t carry out it too. Girlfriend should, however, make sure your veterinarian is qualified and comfortable with the procedure. If castle aren’t, uncover someone that is.

Is adjustment Stressful for My mrs Cat?

If your cats are having sex, there’s probably a most noise going on. Friend walk right into the room expecting a fight, and also you are instead greeted by the sight of them going in ~ it. Izumi walk a lot of protesting, i beg your pardon I required to be she saying “Back off, Kitty Weinstein!”.

I think it was an ext Loki’s absence of finesse 보다 actual resistance come the idea. Once he, erm… ‘got it right’, she was all for it. It to be pretty hilarious city hall him try to mate native the not correct side, though.

Mating have the right to be painful because that female cats as result of the male cat’s barbed penis. Friend heard appropriate – barbed penis. A masculine cat’s ding-a-ling has actually ‘spikes’ ~ above it because that reproduction purposes, but these will certainly most likely not build if he is neutered early.

I have actually no idea if Loki has actually barbs on his yoo-hoo, and I’m not in any kind of hurry come look. Yet guessing indigenous Izumi’s reaction to having actually her cherry popped, I’m going come say no.

Is regular Mating Normal between Cats?

How often do cat mate? If her cats are fixed, there’s walking to it is in distinctively much less hanky-panky walking on. The absence of sex hormones really dampens the mood. Undamaged cats space a different story.

Cats can and also will friend as often as the woman cat goes right into heat. Female cats have the right to have approximately five litters a year (about one every 10 weeks). There is no pregnancies, they will get in heat every three weeks on average. YIKES.

If us were to leave Izumi un-spayed, she and Loki would probably be walking at least every month for a main straight. So, yes, regular mating is normal. Then again, I’d quite it not be happening in ~ all, yet you can’t fight the birds and the bees.

What If The two Cats room Litter Mates?

Loki and also Izumi space technically adopted siblings, no actual siblings. Yet what wake up if 2 cats of the same litter mate? does that also happen? Don’t cat have any kind of concept that incest or shame? Um, no.

Siblings will certainly mate without a 2nd thought. The instinct to reproduce is hardwired into a cat’s brain, and they will certainly mate v any obtainable female – even their very own mother. This may seem gross come us, but cats don’t have actually the varieties of societal taboos that we have. They’re cats! animals will it is in animals.

Unfortunately, there room some aftermath to mating v your loved one if you’re a cat. Inbreeding can an outcome in birth defects, which incorporate serious health conditions that deserve to be fatal. Munchkin cats, for instance, regularly suffer native joint troubles due to your stubby legs. One of my friends has actually a barn cat through a neurological disorder that reasons them come wobble when they walk.

Although cat siblings mating isn’t attention in and also of itself, any type of kittens created from this union can suffer genetic defects and will have a difficult time recognize homes.

My male Cat Is Neutered, so Why Is the Still Trying come Mate?

Another legend cat owners think is the neutering totally takes away a masculine cat’s desire to mate. Obviously, this isn’t true. Male cats will still respond come a female in heat; occasionally, castle will go after a spayed female as well.

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According to Pam Johnson-Bennett of Cat behavior Associates, masculine neutered cat “may take it weeks and in some cases, month or also years” to protect against exhibiting these behaviors. Male cats neutered sooner fairly than later have actually much much less chance of emerging sexual urges.

Has your cat tried come mount and mate with another cat in her household? If you have any kind of tips on how to deal with a case like this, leave a comment!