American adult Flunk basic ScienceDate:March 13, 2009Source:California Academy the SciencesSummary:Are american flunking science? A brand-new national inspection commissioned by the California Academy of Sciences and also conducted by Harris interactive reveals the the us public is can not to pass also a an easy scientific literacy test.Share:

Are american flunking science? A brand-new national survey commissioned by the California Academy that Sciences and also conducted by Harris Interactive® reveals that the U.S. Public is can not to pass also a straightforward scientific literacy test.

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Over the past couple of months, the American government has allocated hundreds of billions the dollars for financial bailout plans. While this safety may carry out a short-term systems to the country"s economic woes, most experts agree the the permanent solution must include a change to a an ext knowledge-based economy, consisting of a focus on science, i m sorry is now widely known as a major driver the innovation and industry.

Despite its prominence to financial growth, environmental protection, and an international health and energy issues, scientific proficiency is right now low amongst American adults. According to the nationwide survey i was delegated by the California Academy that Sciences:

only 53% of adult know just how long that takes because that the earth to revolve approximately the Sun. Only 59% that adults know that the earliest humans and dinosaurs did no live at the very same time. Just 47% of adults can about approximate the percent that the Earth"s surface that is extended with water.* only 21% of adults answered every three concerns correctly.

Knowledge around some crucial scientific worries is likewise low. Despite the fact that access to fresh water is most likely to be one of the many pressing environmental worries over the coming years, much less than 1% that U.S. Adults recognize what percent of the planet"s water is new (the correct answer is 3%). Nearly half didn"t even hazard a guess. Additionally, 40% the U.S. Adults say they room "not at every knowledgeable" around sustainability.

Despite this lack of knowledge, U.S. Adult do believe that scientific research and also education are important. Around 4 in 5 adults think science education and learning is "absolutely essential" or "very important" to the U.S. Healthcare system (86%), the U.S. Global reputation (79%), and the U.S. Economy (77%).

"There has actually never been a higher need for invest in scientific research and education," said Academy executive, management Director Dr. Gregory Farrington. "Many that the most pressing concerns of our time—from worldwide climate change to resource management and also disease—can only be addressed v the assist of science."

To test your own scientific knowledge, please visit the California Academy the Sciences" website in ~


This survey was carried out by telephone in ~ the United says by Harris interactive on behalf of the California Academy the Science in between December 17 and December 21, 2008 amongst 1,002 adults periods 18+.

* The roughly correct answer range for this concern was identified as anything between 65% and also 75%. Only 15% of respondent answered this inquiry with the precisely correct price of 70%.

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