Fish is a tasty and abundant herbal resource. Over there are plenty of ways come prepare and season the meat, and it is healthy too. It only makes sense to desire to share a couple of morsels through your moustache dragon!

But is the safe?

Can bearded dragon eat fish? Yes, moustache dragons can eat fish. In the wild, they’ve to be spotted eating it as soon as their organic habitat had actually fish in it. Some owners will provide their pets bearded dragons feeder fish. However, the danger is the these feeder fish can contain parasites.

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So, fish will not hurt her bearded dragon. However, i don’t recommend it because of the parasites, and also because it’s not component of the mustache dragon diet, i personally have had actually my beardies follow. Keep reading to hear mine reasoning and learn more.

Why ns Don’t introduce It

You deserve to go to YouTube and also see bearded dragon owners offering little feeder fish to their reptiles (Just have actually a look at the video below).

It may be funny and also cute or some kind of cool (well, the is simply nature), and the dragon may have fared just fine, yet I simply don’t recommend you do this at all.

Take rosy red minnows and also goldfish, because that example. This fish in reality contain something called thiaminase. The is one enzyme dangerous to bearded dragons since it blocks the absorb of thiamine and also will kill the Vitamin B1 in whichever pet eats that fish.

Remember, Vitamin B1 is crucial to moustache dragons since of the power it offers to her bearded dragon and other lizards for that matter.

Without this energy, they could end up being quite ill.

As a result, eat goldfish and also rosy red minnows create a deficiency that thiamine plus leads to eventually unbalanced nutrition. It have the right to be deadly to her bearded dragon or in ~ the lease might cause mind damage.

Nutrition the Fish

You additionally have to remember that fish space pretty fat in nature. Because that humans, this Omega 3 fatty acids are quite helpful, and also the exact same goes because that other common household pets choose dogs and also cats.

But because that bearded dragons, it is a different story. The high level of copper sulfate and also the fact that these fish contain helminth is rather dangerous.

Granted, the danger of parasites infecting her bearded dragon usually just happens once you feeding them in large quantities, yet why take the risk?

Parasites the Feeder Fish

At this point, you may be wonder which helminth your bearded dragon could come into contact with if fed a feeder fish that contains a parasite.

Let’s take a watch at some of the most usual ones brought by freshwater aquarium fish.

Tapeworms and also Flukes- when it pertains to minnows, a famous feeder fish, the galaxiids (especially usual galaxias) space quite frequently the victim of epidemic by the parasite Ligula.Leeches may occur, which space parasites that connect themselves to the host and also live on the blood.Eustrongyloids is an additional fish parasite you must be aware of. The is not usual in minnows, every se, however if you catch fish like trout or redfin, it’s advised no to share your capture with your beardie.

How much Should be Fed?

Once again, ns say zero. But if you space curious, the answer is just one, given on a really rare basis. Ns recommend small mammals as soon as every 3 months.

It is mine advice because that the giving of a feeder fish, too (if you select to do so once again, i don’t introduce you feeding fish in ~ all).

Besides, think about the bones. Beardies room pretty tough small guys, however you might run the threat of choke the animal if the skeleton of the fish you provide them space too large to digest.

On height of that, bearded dragons can become affected after consuming fish bones, therefore it’s best to simply stick with a encourage bearded dragon diet.

What about Feeder Fish instead of Crickets?

My answer, together you most likely guessed, is no.

The feeder fish carry out not carry out the same nutritional values as a cricket or dubia roach.

Add in the fact that her bearded dragon could come to be sick, impacted, and also lacking in Vitamin B1, and you have actually a genuine case regarding why you must NOT feed her bearded dragon feeder fish.

Besides, think about where this feeder fish are sourced: enormous fish ranches with large tanks, chemistry dumped right into their water daily, and also fecal matter of the fish in the tank.

It’s a much cry indigenous bearded dragons eat fish the end of streams in the wild. Simply say, no!


So, What makes A good Beardie Diet?

Let’s review what provides a moustache dragon diet good. I will go over adults, six-month-old beardies, and also babies.

The primary foods items you must offer encompass veggies and also live food, plus top quality prepared reptile food. Live food ns recommend consists of dubia roaches, crickets, and also locusts.

I often tend to stay away indigenous mealworms or superworms due to the fact that these must be supplied as a one-of-a-kind treat. Beardies can get lots of weight quickly, eating too countless of these specific worms.

Feeding Adult Beardies

Adult mustache dragons need to be fed live food 2-3 time a week, veggies six days every week, and then sooner or later of simply fasting v water.

I think there space times the food i do not care scarce in the wild, so it is herbal that the moustache dragon should have sometimes whereby food is no available.

I find this technique to be quite natural, and all of my moustache dragons space quite healthy and balanced in nature.

Bearded dragon can gain weight fast and also can damage their liver and also kidneys as a result. It can an outcome in fatality for her bearded dragon. Store crickets to 3 big crickets 3 times every week.

6-Month-Old Beardies

Once beardies reach the age of 6 months, ns switch up their diets. Live food is available every work for infant dragons, yet after the period of 6 months, it’s time to slow-moving down the live crickets.

Live food need to be fed 4 times a week, and also veggies offered every single day. 4 to 5 crickets have the right to be available four times every week.

Of course, if your bearded dragon needs extra food as a an outcome of gift underfed or ill, then, by all means, offer them the food they require to acquire weight and also get better. The happens with some rescued beardies.

The bottom line? feeding on a case by case basis.

Baby Beardies Diet

Baby bearded dragons have the right to eat everything they want, once they want. Live food should be offered every day. Veggies should additionally be noted to the moustache dragon, although I uncover that the babies focus more on the live stuff.


The point I to be trying to drive residence is this: moustache dragons can eat fish. However, i really advise versus it.

More frequently than not, this fish arrive through parasites that can damage the dragon. These fish are additionally sold in pets stores, several of which might not be great at maintaining the fish in safe and also healthy conditions.

You should likewise avoid fish from a can – much more often than not; this stuff includes salt, brine, and also other additive that can harm the reptile.

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I also advise friend to examine out this write-up I have written ~ above what renders a suitable beardie diet. We also talk supplements so you deserve to really get your moustache dragon looking and feeling his best.