The active chemical of some medication will be metabolised come amphetamine, this will cause positive amphetamine/methamphetamine check results. Zb Adderall consists of a mixed amphetamine salt commonly prescribed together a psycho-stimulant medication for attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD, or ADD, and also use of together medication would cause a hopeful amphetamine test.

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In 2002 the Food and also Drug management in the USA approved eye autumn which had hydroxyamphetamine and also tropicamide. Although amphetamine is metabolised come hydroxyamphetamine, hydroxyamphetamine is not metabolised to amphetamine. Therefore, usage of such assets should not cause a confident (non-negative) amphetamine test result.

Drugs that may cause false positive to amphetamines include,

Diet pills(Amfepramone, Amphetaminil, Clobenzorex, Benzphetamine, Fenfluramine, Fenproporex, Mefenorex, Obetrol, Phentermine)Attention deficit disorder medication (Ritalin, Dextroamphetamine, Adderall, Benzedrine, Pemoline, Pemoline)Cold medication(pseudoephedrine (old sudafed), Vick’s Inhaler, Promethazine, Allerest, Bromphenlramlne, Dimetapp (loratadine), Efidac, Phenylephrine, Sinarest)Antidepressants (Bupropion, Fluoxetine)Blood pressure tablets (Labetalol)Asthma medication (Inhalers, Ephedrine,Primatene-M,Tedral)Antidepressants (Wellbutrin, Desipramine, Selegiline, Trazodone)Parkinson’s condition medication (Amantadine,Deprenyl,Eldepryl)Malaria treatment (Chloroquine)Schizophrenia Medication (Chlorpromazine,Fluspirilene,Quetiapine)Anti-inflammatory(Famprofazone)Eye drops with PholedrineHigh blood push medicine (Labetalol,Procainamide)Antihistamine (Mepyramine,Phenegan-D)Gastroesophageal reflux an illness medication (Ranitidine)


Cocaine is used infrequently together a regional anesthetic in ear, nose, and throat surgery, and also is administered topically during ophthalmitic procedures.

Positive drug experimentation results because that cocaine (as benzoylecgonine, the significant metabolite) may be encountered in subjects who have undergone such procedures. A patient might be optimistic up come 72 hrs after one otolaryngologic procedure where cocaine is offered as one anesthetic.

Cocaine metabolite can likewise be recognize in the pee specimen that the medical professional who is performing the procedure.4 Jacobson, et al, studied the effect of use of ophthalmic solution containing cocaine on pee excretion of benzoylecgonine in patients. Out of 50 subjects studied, 47 topics (94%) prove a hopeful screening result for cocaine (as benzoylecgonine) 4 to six hours after receiving eye drops.

In addition, 35 subjects (70%) showed optimistic results 24 hrs after receiving eye autumn containing cocaine.

The authors conclude that ophthalmic management of cocaine may cause positive test results up to two days ~ procedure.

Drugs that may cause false positive to cocaine include,

Antibiotics (Amoxicillin,Ampicillin)Coca tea, Coca leaf, Coca flour, Coca oilKidney an illness medicationSome pain medicationAesthetics (bupivacaine, Sensorcaine,Vivacaine)

Novocain, return synthetically derived from cocaine, has a distinct structural difference from cocaine and also the metabolite of cocaine (benzoylecgonine). Therefore, usage of Novocain during dental measures or usage of various other anesthetic agents, consisting of benzocaine, tetracaine, and lidocaine, need to not cause false-positive cocaine test outcomes in to pee DOA testing.


Both urine and saliva drug testing methods will have actually false positives/negatives native time to time, and in most instances will it is in the same for urine and saliva. Saliva exam seem come have more false negatives as result of the ease of diluting or transforming the sample against the person being tested. Also, saliva testing has been roughly for a while, but centregalilee.compared to urine testing, that still taken into consideration to be evolving. Urine experimentation is thought about the gold standard.

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