Guinea pigs are among the many loved of allpocket pets. As cute as they are, the is easy to desire to provide them every the delicious human foods we enjoy, choose all the different types of squash! Nonetheless, numerous human foods aren’t safe for her guinea pig come eat. So,can guinea pigs eat squash?

Dr. Jesswill answer every the details of this inquiry below:


What is a Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig is a type of pocket pet that stays in the cavie family of animals.

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They are tiny animals that grow to a best of approximately 10-11 inch long, and also can sweet up to 2.5 pounds as a healthy adult.

In captivity and with ideal care it is quite usual to view these pets live as much as 8 – 10 years of age.

One of their key anatomical (body) “quirks” is the they are constantly needing come chew in bespeak to document their this down, together their teeth room constantly erupting (growing longer and also longer).

They are fairly playful animals and also love come socialize through the ones that they know and also love.

They make good pets for responsible pet owners, and also those life in small dwellings wanting a loveable pet the comes in a tiny package.

What execute Guinea Pigs commonly Eat?

These little buddies eat one assortment of points to save them healthy and happy.

High-qualityguinea pig foodandTimothy hayshould be the main staples of your diet.Up to around 10% of your diet can be consisted of of an assortment ofvegetables and fruits, through fruits and also vegetables over 12-24 hours old being discarded as soon as possible.They call for 30 – 50 mg ofvitamin Cdaily from your diet, either in your guinea pig food, a vitamin supplement, or native fruits and vegetables that space high in vitamin C. I’ll get to this more here in a sec…Guinea pigs do finest with dietslow in fats and sugars.Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-freewater. ‘Fresh water‘ way that is is adjusted daily. ‘Changed daily‘ means that new water is placed into a CLEAN water dispenser!

What is a Squash?

Squash is actually a fruit and also not a vegetable prefer many world think.

They are a form of gourd the grows along the soil attached come a vine-like structure.

They come in plenty of sizes, shapes, and colors. Squash is generally grouped in winter squash and also summer squash categories.

Types of Squash:

There are plenty of different varieties of squash, that range in size, shape, and color.

Some that the more common squash incorporate zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkin, and also spaghetti squash.


Squash Nutrition:

According to Wikipedia’s description of the nutritional benefits of this summer squash:

“Zucchini room low in food energy (approximately 71kJ or 17kcal (or “food calories”) every 100g (3.5oz) fresh zucchini) and contain useful quantities offolate(24μg/100g),potassium(261mg/100g), andprovitamin A(200IU<10RAE>/100 g).<21>Zucchini deserve to be shaped into noodle-like spirals and also used as a low-carbohydrate substitute for pasta or noodles.”

Certain squash types have a particularly huge supply ofvitamin Athat can assist support vision and the immune system.

Squash can likewise be affluent in different antioxidants, with study proving that the skin that some types of squash, choose the zucchini squash, contains the highest possible levels of antioxidants in the entire plant.

Antioxidantsare plant compounds that aid protect the human body from damage by cost-free radicals, which can cause degenerative diseases.

Carotenoids — such together lutein, zeaxanthin, and also beta-carotene — advantage your eyes,skin, and also heart, and also helps safeguard your body against certain varieties of cancers, are uncovered in zucchini.

Certain squash varieties also have a kind amount that fiber to help with digestion and can sometimes assist in stabilizing blood street levels.

Sugar content varies in between the various squash types and occasionally from each individual plant contrasted to the next. Because that instance, yellow squash frequently has a slightly higher sugar content compared to zucchini.

Do Guinea Pigs choose Squash?

Most guinea pigs favor the softer, tender within of squashes. Plenty of guinea pigs tend to dislike the external skin that the fruit.

As an example, numerous guinea pigs favor yellow squash end the zucchini squash, likely because of the slightly higher sugar contents which would give off a contempt sweeter taste.

Is Squash healthy and balanced For Guinea Pigs come Eat?

Many squash contain a short amount of sugar and also salt so the a better snack if your pet is overweight or has actually diabetes than various other treats with higher sugar content.

Squash also has a decent water content to help keep your tiny buddy hydrated.

As pointed out in the nutritional contents of squash section, squash deserve to have a high quantity of vitamin A in the – a vitamin that helps through the defense of the immune system and with a healthy and balanced vision profile.

Squash has actually a fiber contents that will certainly help your guinea pig store their digestive system running smoothly and also can also assist with keep blood street level secure if you have actually a worrisome diabetic guinea pig.

Squash is packed through a multitude of nutrient which room great for the health of your pet guinea pig, and also this nutrient profile will differ with differing species of squash.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Squash?

Yellow Squash: Yes, in moderation.Butternut Squash: Yes, in moderation.Acorn Squash: Yes, in moderation.Pumpkin Squash: Yes, in moderation.Spaghetti Squash: Yes, in moderation.

Do you see a trend. Yes, you deserve to serve bite-sized piece of effectively prepared squash of many varieties to her guinea pig in moderation.

Can Squash Skin Be served To Guinea Pigs?

On peak of preferential taste, some squash’s thick outer shell may turn into a choking risk if not chewed accordingly before being swallowed.

And yet another thing come consider around a squash’s skin, is the it may contain chemicals or debris the you perform not want your pt come consume.

Therefore, ns recommend not feeding the squash skin/peel/shell to her guinea pig.

How To offer Squash to a Guinea Pig:

Serve just fresh, life squash to your pet guinea pig.

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Begin by washing the Squash thoroughly as you’ll must remove any kind of bacteria, pesticides, or other chemicals that may have actually been inserted on the squash.

Then, you’ll desire to reduced off and also discard the special stem and also any hard, thick outer peel or shell must be removed from the pieces you space planning to market your guinea pig.

Cut the squash into thin slices or small bite-sized cubes.

You will want to remove the seeds existing for the services of tidiness, pickiness, and most importantly since they room a choke hazard.

Remove any type of uneaten squash from the cage in ~ a few hours of serving so the bacteria walk not kind and flourish on the uneaten squash.