If girlfriend have ever used a mac you will have actually undoubtedly unplugged a tough drive and also been told friend shouldn’t have done that. Home windows doesn’t tend to tell friend off yet the same thinking applies.

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You can unplug a USB exterior hard drive while the computer system is running. Usage the safely remove hard drive switch on windows or eject button on Mac come ensure no data is corrupted. Execute not eliminate internal hard drives while the computer system is on. That is the general preeminence to follow but there room variables here and also the safely eliminate drive button isn’t always necessary.

You have the right to think the it as a dialogue in between the computer and also the difficult drive if friend like…Write Caching disabled…PC – I have a ton the data for you.Drive – Yep ok take that now.PC – below ya go!Write Caching enabled…PC – I have a ton of data for you.Drive – Stash it because that me bud.PC – no problem20 mins later…PC – You desire this stuff now?…. Hello?… They’ve gone…. Delete the is then.Hopefully, the demonstrates how easy the is to shed data with write caching enabled. I don’t introduce it uneven you room trying to gain some major performance out of a tough drive and have the self-control of a monk. I personally have committed yanking out any kind of old drive to muscle memory. Also on a Mac also after they warning me!

Can ns unplug one internal hard drive when the computer system is on?

Internal hard drives utilizing SATA must not be unplugged if the computer system is on. Electrical products should constantly be disconnected indigenous the mains anytime you remove the casing.Apart from the hazard of electrical shock internal drives often tend to be collection up for create caching together they don’t tend to go walkies therefore often and if they perform it’s safe to presume the you have actually shut down your PC and that all the cache has actually been effectively distributed.


While it is ok to plug in and remove external hard drives without issue it is worth doing it appropriately if you want to stop data loss and corruption. The best practice is to usage the safely eliminate hardware function on windows and also the eject attribute on Mac. That method you recognize your data has actually the best chance at being there following time you plug in the drive. As for inner drives.

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Simply turn the device off and unplug it. There is no advantage from adding or remove a drive and the threat of shedding data is together high as getting electrocuted. As always, back up her data!