I have actually heard many times the you should never put polyurethane end waxed shellac. From publications to magazine posts to forums to DVD’s, the post is always the same. Even the earlier of the shellac can itself claims not to usage polyurethane. Now I have constantly taken the “better safe 보다 sorry” route, simply staying clear of regular waxed shellac. However there have actually been so countless occasions where I have actually heard of world accidentally using waxed shellac under polyurethane with no detrimental effects. And also frankly, I have actually never heard a an initial hand account that a damaging finishing disaster making use of this combination of supposedly not compatible finishes. For this reason what’s the deal?

To answer the question, I decided to carry out a little experiment because that myself. I wanted to view if I could find any type of evidence of a weakened bond in between polyurethane and waxed shellac, when the shellac is provided in the usual manner together a sealer. My check is straightforward and fully non-scientific. There are just too countless variables at play come answer this inquiry with any kind of real level of certainty. However my results gave me sufficient confidence come say the if you space using the complete as a sealer coat (2lb cut or less), I check out no factor not come use every little thing shellac you have actually on hand, even if it has wax in it.

This is a object that ns will continue to watch. And also hopefully we’ll hear from some folks that have had actually experiences, an excellent and bad, v this finish combination.

**EDIT** It to be immediately suggested that I execute a Scotch ice cream lift test. Ns still had actually the samples in the shop so ns jumped in and did a couple of more tests. Utilizing both duct tape and also Scotch tape over a grid work-related of slices made through an X-acto knife, no lifting the the complete was observed on any kind of of the boards. I also put tape end the area whereby the epoxy fall were and also no lifting to be observed there either. These finishes are holding on for dear life!

Products used in this episode:

Zinsser Bullseye(R) SealCoat?This is the just sanding sealer you will ever before need! It provides depth and also beauty to hardwood grain, and also won?t raise or puffy the lumber grain. 100% wax-free formula dries in minutes and also sands easily. Zinsser Bullseye(R) SealCoat?
Bulls Eye(R) ShellacTrusted through generations of woodworkers, shellac is a traditional, quick-drying finish that is best for antiques and also fine furniture. The is durable, non-yellowing and also imparts a heat glow come all wood surfaces.

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Bulls Eye(R) Shellac
Minwax(R) Fast-Drying PolyurethaneAmong the most sturdy of security coatings, Minwax(R) Fast-Drying Polyurethane uses long-lasting beauty on both finished and unfinished wood. Minwax(R) Fast-Drying Polyurethane