The vaginal ring is kind of like a birth manage underdog. Conversations around contraception frequently center around the pill or intrauterine devices. Yet the vaginal ring (sold under the surname NuvaRing) can have a lot come offer, depending upon what you’re looking for. Right here are 14 points you need to know around it.

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1. NuvaRing is a versatile plastic loop the goes right into your vagina and emits hormone to avoid an unintended pregnancy.

NuvaRing uses estrogen and also progestin to keep your uterus unoccupied. “People have mysterious thoughts around it, but it yes, really is choose taking a combined hormonal birth manage pill in an additional form,” mar Jane Minkin, M.D., a clinical professor of obstetrics and also gynecology and also reproductive scientific researches at Yale medical School, tells

The estrogen suppresses ovulation, so your ovaries don’t release eggs for sperm to fertilize, and the progestin thickens your cervical rubber to make it harder for sperm come travel, the mei Clinic explains. The progestin also thins her uterine lining so that if an egg did happen to obtain fertilized, that wouldn’t have the ability to receive the nutrients it would have to grow.

What research has actually been done reflects that v perfect use, NuvaRing has a failure price of 0.3 percent. That means fewer 보다 one woman the end of 100 will obtain pregnant in the an initial year of using NuvaRing if they follow its instructions perfectly. With typical use (so, possibly you forget come insert and also remove her ring specifically as you should), the number rises to nine females out the 100 obtaining pregnant in the an initial year of utilizing NuvaRing. For what it’s worth, the birth manage pill has the exact same failure rates, according to study estimates.

Another thing to store in mind: NuvaRing no protect against sexuallytransfer infections, for this reason if you at threat for those, you have to use obstacle methods like condoms and also dental dams throughout sex.

Thank NuvaRing’s progestin because that this one. Due to the fact that progestin reduces exactly how much the lining of your uterus build up, you have the right to have a lighter flow during your period, Dr. Minkin says. Also, prostaglandins, which space hormone-like chemicals that produce the hellish cramping bound to your period, come from your uterine lining, she explains. Much less uterine lining deserve to translate right into fewer pain-inducing prostaglandins, for this reason it’s yes, really a win-win.

The ring is flexible, for this reason it have the right to bend and stretch come fit inside her vagina, Raquel Dardik, M.D., a gynecologist in ~ NYU Langone Health, speak Sure, if girlfriend just had actually a vaginal distribution with a very large baby, this can not work-related for girlfriend in the immediate aftermath, Dr. Minkin says. However overall, NuvaRing have to fit most civilization with vaginas. “I’ve never seen the not occupational for someone,” Dr. Minkin says.

4. To usage the ring, girlfriend insert it in ~ a details time and also remove it in ~ the exact same time of day three weeks later. For some people, this renders it much easier to deal with than the pill.

During your off-week without the ring, you’ll obtain a “period,” i m sorry is really just a tap the money bleed due to the absence of additional hormones. After ~ the off-week is over, you should insert a fresh ring on the same day and also time together you did before, also if your duration hasn’t stopped.

The fact that NuvaRing offers numerous of the same benefits as the pill there is no the everyday commitment makes it one attractive option for some people. “I have civilization who are an excellent candidates for the pill however they have trouble psychic to take it it. The ring is a fabulous alternative,” Dr. Minkin says.

“It’s very easy as lengthy as ladies feel comfortable placing your fingers in your vagina,” Dr. Dardik says.

Here’s just how the equipments of NuvaRing introduce inserting the device:

Wash and also dry your hands.Choose a place that’s comfortable for you, choose lying down, squatting, or standing with one foot up.Take her NuvaRing out of the foil pouch, organize it between your thumb and also forefinger, and also squeeze the sides together.Insert the ring right into your vagina and also push the up utilizing your index finger. If you feel too conscious of it or uncomfortable with where the is, you might need to press it increase more.

“It usually only takes human being a pair of minutes to gain the cave of it,” Dr. Minkin says. Friend can also ask your doctor about a tampon-like applicator that might make it simpler for you come insert NuvaRing.

The removal process is likewise pretty simple.

Wash and also dry your hands.Get into your comfortable position.Stick her index finger into your vagina and also hook it with the ring.Pull tenderness downward and also forward to pull it out.Toss that in the trash.

“That’s likewise typically easy,” Dr. Minkin says. “But I constantly reassure world that ns can obtain it out of lock if castle can’t.”

You do not need to keep your NuvaRing in the fridge, yet your pharmacist should. The prescribing info for NuvaRing states that its users should keep the device at room temperature (between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to four months or till the expiration date, whichever come first.

That prescribing information additionally advises pharmacists to save NuvaRing in a fridge at 36 come 46 degrees Fahrenheit prior to dispensing the device to patients. The all about helping the product last longer, Jamie Alan, Ph.D., one assistant professor of pharmacology and toxicology in ~ Michigan State University, tells Pharmacists could hang onto NuvaRing for much longer than 4 months, and also keeping castle in the fridge helps keep them.

Don’t think the you deserve to keep her vaginal ring previous its expiration day or after four months as lengthy as you lining it in the fridge. You yes, really don’t want to role the dice with this—it’s birth control, after all.

This can feel choose a legit concern when you’re placing anything in her vagina, yet there’s no need to stress around this. Her cervix (the narrow, lower finish of your uterus) will block the ring from going almost everywhere inside your body various other than her vagina, Dr. Minkin explains.

One point to save in mind, though: The equipments of NuvaRing allude out the some people have accidentally placed the ring into their bladder (through their urethra) instead of their vagina. So, if you have pain after you insert the ring and also you can’t discover it in your vagina, call your medical professional ASAP.

Manipulating your period via her birth control is off-label use. Because of that, it’s necessary to speak to your doctor prior to you perform it. Cool? Cool.

OK, this is the deal: occasionally the ring-free duration week may be reserved for a time that’s fully inconvenient for you, like that coast weekend you have planned. So, you might want to change when your period comes or skip the entirely.

Remember, the ring uses a combination of progestin and also estrogen to stop an unintentional pregnancy once it’s in reality in your body. Yet when it comes out, there room no hormone from the ring turn in your body, so you’ll bleed in response to the absence of those extra hormones. (Don’t worry, as lengthy as you put in a brand-new ring in seven days, you’ll still be safeguarded from pregnancy.) So, if you desire your duration to arrive previously than usual (like the week prior to your vacation instead of throughout it), you have the right to remove your ring for the week, then put in a new one after ~ (on the exact same day of the week and also at the exact same time as you’ve to be inserting and removing the in the past).

If you want to skip your duration altogether, you can just keep your ring in for four weeks rather of three (you’ll still have pregnancy defense in this time), then put in a new ring instead of having actually seven ring-free days, Dr. Minkin says. Dr. Minkin stress that, again, this an off-label use, so girlfriend really need to talk to her doctor prior to you effort this. Also, FYI, you might experience some breakthrough bleeding as soon as trying to manipulate your duration this way.

This advantage has less to perform with the ring chin and an ext to perform with its suitable usage, Dr. Minkin says. Technically, the ring uses the very same hormones as the pill, for this reason you have the same risk of breakthrough bleeding, she explains. Yet with common use, some people will forget to take it the pill on chance (because life)—and that rises your odds the bleeding randomly, Dr. Minkin says. Because you don’t need to switch out your NuvaRing as often as you have to take the pill, that lowers your possibility of messing up just how you use it.

The most typical side results of the ring encompass irritation inside her vagina or on your cervix, together with vaginal discharge, according to

This is just due to the fact that there’s something international sitting in her vagina, Dr. Minkin says, though she hasn’t seen patients have these issues. “My patients who usage the ring seem to be simply fine,” she says. It’s the same for Maura Quinlan, M.D., M.P.H., one assistant professor in the department of obstetrics and also gynecology at the Northwestern university Feinberg institution of Medicine, that tells that she renders it a point to warning patients that this can happen, yet has just seen it rarely.

There’s a chance that the ring can slip out when you eliminate a tampon, have actually sex, or strain when you’re pooping, according to (This is why you’re supposed to inspect your ring regularly, including after those moments we just mentioned, in order come make sure it’s tho in place.) If it’s been out of your vagina for less than 3 hours, wash it off in cool come lukewarm water, and reinsert it, the agency says.

If the been out for longer than three hours and you’re in main one or two, clean that off and also reinsert it, however you should additionally use a backup an approach of birth control until your ring has remained in place for seven days in a row, the company says. If you in main three, litter it out and also either insert a brand-new ring (knowing the you could not have a period for 21 days, or may have breakthrough bleeding), or insert a new ring no later on than 7 days after you’ve noticed the ring has fallen out (knowing that you’ll probably have actually a period during the time).

If you confused about any the this, make certain to ask her doctor specifically what you should do in the event that your NuvaRing drops out.

This is totally a personal preference. You certainly don’t should remove the ring during sex, yet a small number of partners deserve to sometimes feel it during intercoure. If you desire to, you deserve to take her NuvaRing out for increase to 3 hours and then reinsert it, the mei Clinic says.

You’re OK during this home window of time due to the fact that the hormones room still turn around in your bloodstream, Dr. Minkin explains.

When mentioning your contraceptive alternatives with your doctor, be sure to talk about these or any type of other components in her health background that may influence which birth regulate is appropriate for you.

The ring works by giving you a steady stream of hormones while the in, but once you take it out, her body simply goes earlier to normal, Dr. Dardik says. Usually, your ovaries “wake up” pretty quickly, yet there space some civilization who may take a few months to have actually a regular cycle, Dr. Minkin says.

If you’re having any type of issues v your cycle a few months after you stop using the ring, talk to her doctor. It could be the the ring to be masking symptoms of one underlying problem that influence your duration or fertility, Dr. Minkin says, or the your fertility adjusted naturally together a an outcome of age. One of two people way, your medical professional should have the ability to run some tests to figure out what the transaction is.


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