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If your dog has very sensitive skin, or allergies I more than likely would advise utilizing anything yet a specially made dog shampoo, however if he/she does not then Palmolive functions great! We right now bathe ours dog as soon as every 3 weeks v Palmolive, and I have to say she coat looks specifically shiny and healthy. The coolest component is, Palmolive likewise kills fleas too!!!

Currently, to acquire the ideal results, ns make sure my dog is fully wet, and rinsed with warm water before including a pair of an excellent drizzles of soap.

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ns then lather she up and also scrub she coat, under she neck, paws, and belly. Palmolive does no make a ton of suds ~ above her, and helps to gain all the gunk, and dirt the end of her hair without during her skin out. That course, every dog is different, however for us Palmolive Ultra renders a great dog shampoo!

Hi! ns am Amy! i am a former teacher, fueled by coffee, and cheese. Ns love photography and always have a camera handy! I could be a small obsessed with cute photography props, and Rae Dunn, however all is good! Welcome to mine site! i hope friend find basic to do recipe, or product friend might additionally love!

Such a cute dog. And also he taken on the bath yes, really well. Didn’t think about all the supplies for Palmolive. I think I have actually a coupon for it.

Who knew?! I sure didn’t. We don’t have actually a dog but our cat likes to have actually baths, think it, or not.

I had actually no clue you could use this to shampoo dogs! Wow — this sure would conserve a ton vs. Dog shampoo. Oof, it’s therefore expensive, and it doesn’t critical long!

That is way more affordable than many dog shampoos too! my dog totally doesn’t fit in the tub anymore though lol!

Can ns use any liquid dish soap together dog shampoo?coz Palmolive food soap is nt easily accessible in the Phils.i think.

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