Most of us consume butter every day. But those who don’t, your butter brick sit in the fridge for months. Have actually you ever wondered what happens as soon as you consume this butter that has actually been lie in your fridge for months? The butter packets usually have the "best before" days on them yet it’s completely safe to use butter previous the "best before" date.
You will be surprised to recognize that also if you keep butter in ~ room temperature, it’s safe to consume that a week after the expiry date. Friend can even consume it after a month of its expiry date, however for that you have to store that correctly. The proper way to store butterTo rise the shelf life that butter it must be stored below 40 levels fahrenheit. If maintained at room temperature for as well long, the oils in the butter will go rancid.
If kept in the freezer, it can last for 6 to ripe months. And when retained in the fridge, it can last because that a month previous the printed date. Use the inside shelves of the fridge rather than the shelves top top the door to stop temperature fluctuations.
How come tell if the butter is no more safe to be consumed?Spoiled butter will be either also soft or too hard. That may even grow mould. Check for discolouration and sour odor or taste (eating a small amount i will not ~ hurt your health).

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What happens when you eat expired/old butter?The very first thing to carry out is, not panic together old butter cannot kill you or give you food poisoning. The worst the can take place is a stomach ache. Also, rancid butter deserve to lower her vitamin E and also vitamin B stores.
So, like most other foods you will be able to tell when butter starts come go bad because it will certainly look discoloured and also will have actually a slightly sour taste.

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