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so i simply watched a video where a guy said the shoots +p 9mm 124 grain gold dot, and also various other +p ammo, and also 9mm NATO v his 938 the safe????? If therefore i"m walk to pack up ~ above God dot. Every various other pistol i have actually specifically states NO +P.. I didn"t notification in the indict if this one might use +P and, don"t have actually the booklet through me in ~ this really moment, so figured i"d asking the experts. Thanks

Sig has declared that +p is well as long as it isn"t a continual diet and that it will cause your pistol to need maintenance sooner. They likewise say to stay away native +p+ and also other lots that room not factory loads.

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Yup! what Kenny D says. This is from the SIG website. +P Ammo produced to SAAMI/CIP/NATO specs is fine to usage as a defensive round or because that occasional variety use. Constant use of this round will make it essential for much more frequent business on the pistol. We carry out NOT introduce the usage of any type of +P+ round. This may void her warranty
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The Winchester Nato 124 grain the I have used is not +p.The Gold dot is method to expensive for me to usage it together a steady diet.
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WOW! cool thx guys... And yeah, gold dot is extremely expensive to go poke holes in file with, however i usage it in all of my CCW"s because that day to day, then..... Discharge it into my range bag once i walk TO the range, and shoot through federal, or winchester cheap fmj variety rounds. Weird enough, the range i prefer to walk to doesn"t enable hollowpoints in ~ the pistol range, and also REQUIRES hollow point rounds at the rifle range... I"m not sure why... But i don"t really care, i"ve shooting the yellow dot enough at other ranges to know just how it handles if i should use it someday for it"s intended purpose. Though, no.. Definitely not spending that kind of money to poke holes in paper. (((not to rotate this into a excellent to fatality ammo discussion out of subject but: )))I like gold dot to many of the various other brands i"ve watched reviews for. I haven"t gone and also done all the testing myself but, in a many reviews i"ve seen, gold period outperforms most other ammos. The never has actually jacket separation, never ever clogs v denim, always expands, and also tears a large freakin hole in ballistics gel. Several of the PDX rounds obtain clocked and don"t broaden etc. Can"t risk that. The LEO around here favor to use gold dot if they have a choice, yet they are issued PDX normally. I do recognize that all of the LEO"s i run into at the other range i walk to all shoot v gold dot, and also most the the shops here recommend it, end alternatives. Most shop owner being active, or retirement cops or detectives, or what have you, so.... I"d it is in inclined to take their words on it. Their resides are top top the line every day, vice versa, i"m safe 99.99999999999% of the moment in my day to day life. If they depend on it, climate i can rely on it too. That and also my sig! lolbut i digress... Definitely won"t it is in a secure diet, i can"t bought it come be, though it"s great to understand that if i put a clip complete of +p under range, the barrel isn"t going come turn into a pipeline bomb and blow my fingers off. +p+ sound insane. I haven"t even heard that that, and also am not certain where to gain it also lol. Sounds much more like a revolver round.. "?"