I"ve been playing Minecraft for a when - at first, you can only location it ~ above sand adjacent to water, however then there was the option to grow it top top dirt. I had read and always believed the sugarcane could grow ~ above both, yet would grow faster on sand. I have actually experienced this twice in Minecraft, when in the pc version and one in pocket Edition. Recently, though, I read that they flourish the exact same speed, and that several civilization have proven it come be that way.

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I"m really confused now - can someone clean it up because that me? many thanks ;)


The base block walk not readjust the price at which sugarcane grows. Players have even checked the code responsible because that the growth- it just checks the block over for air and also the blocks listed below to inspect it isn"t currently 3 blocks. There is nothing i m sorry could cause a difference in between the two.

Source: Minecraft Wiki: sugar Cane speak Page

Contrary to famous belief, the rate of growth of street cane is the same, nevertheless of the block that is placed on. - Minecraft Wiki



YouTuber xisumavoid has actually covered this in his "Minecraft legend Busting" series (you can find the video clip here if you"re interested).

Xisuma concludes, utilizing science and also a examine of the game code, the it provides no difference what block that is planted on. So no, it doesn"t make any difference whatsoever what block you tree it on.


My brother and also I ran part tests - us timed exactly how long the sugarcane take away to flourish on sand, dirt, grass and also farmland.

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Our results confirmed sugarcane growing faster ~ above sand.


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