If you’re a tea enthusiast, however you don’t have actually a teapot or devices to brew tea, climate the tea-making procedure can it is in a nuisance. Boiling water because that one cup the tea in ~ a time, specifically if you reap several cups throughout the day, gets old an extremely quickly.

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Fortunately, there room other options to do a soothing cup that tea, together as making use of a coffee percolator. To stop you from experiencing additional headache and also irritation, we’ve put a list with each other of how to do tea in a coffee percolator in six steps, and important details and essential offers you’ll need. 


Six procedures to do Tea in a Percolator

Before providing you the six steps, it’s necessary to note that a couple of these measures vary depending on whether you have a stovetop or electric percolator. Differences will be provided within each step.

Thoroughly Clean the Percolator

Thoroughly clean the percolator before use is critical, especially if you commonly use the percolator come brew coffee. Clean the percolator will keep your tea tasting the method you want it to without any other influences.

To preserve your percolator’s cleanliness, it must be thoroughly hand-washed and also rinsed after every use, no matter whether you’re unavoidable tea or coffee.

Fill the Percolator v Water and also Assemble

Fill the percolator v cold water come your wanted fill-line measurement. Depending upon your percolator, you can have a maximum fill line of 6 cups, eight cups, twelve cups, and also so on.

Never fill the percolator with warm water since it can reason damage to your percolator.

After filling through cold water, put in the percolator’s basket and also rod.

Add Tea come the Percolator Basket

After the rod and also basket room in place, ar your tea pipeline or tea bag in the basket. Mental to usage a filter or paper towel with loosened tea leaves.

Power/Heat the Percolator and also Begin the imminent Cycle

Once your tea is in the basket, you’re all set to plugin the percolator and also turn it on. If you’re using a stovetop percolator, put it ~ above a medium warm source, such as a stovetop burner or campfire.

Allow the percolator come run through one full cycle. The longer you allow the percolator run, the more powerful your tea’s flavor will certainly be. The average time forced for a full cycle is approximately ten minutes.

If girlfriend ever notice steam arising from your percolator, the temperature is also hot. Be sure to unplug the or remove it native its heat source if it’s a stovetop percolator. Return to warmth after a couple of minutes. Repeat this procedure if necessary.

Disassemble the Percolator

After the percolator finishes the cycle and the tea brews, remove the rod and also the basket. Discard the tea bag or sheet remnants.

Re-attach the Percolator Lid and Pour Tea

Now that the rod and also basket space out of the picture put the percolator’s lid back on. At that point, the tea is nice and hot and also is prepared to it is in poured. It is in patient and remember to give your tea the appropriate cooling time it demands for optimal flavor.

Enjoy your tea and also don’t forget to hand wash and also rinse the percolator ~ you’re done. 




Supplies required for make Tea in a Coffee Percolator

Fortunately, there’s very tiny required for making tea in a coffee percolator. All you need is the following supplies:

Coffee percolatorWaterTea Bags or leaves

Note: If you’re utilizing tea leaves, you’ll should use a filter, lot like you would certainly making coffee. Making use of a filter v tea bags isn’t necessary because the bag keeps the tea leaves contained. If you don’t have filters, a record towel will certainly suffice.

The lot of tea you need is entirely based on your personal preference or the type of tea friend use. The more powerful the tea, the more tea you’ll need, and vice versa. Specific brands or species of tea, such as environment-friendly tea, might require testing when it involves the amount of tea used.

Can a Percolator Be offered for Tea?

We offered you the steps to brew tea in a percolator, but is it ideal? depending upon your choices for tea flavor, using a percolator is an ideal alternative.

Keep in mind, the major difference between using a percolator come brew coffee vs. Tea is the coffee is more of a “one size fits all” when it involves brewing temperatures. In contrast, tea is much more finicky and also requires adjustments in temperature based upon the kind of tea you’re brewing.

Since the percolator doesn’t have an flexible temperature range, you have the right to monitor your tea’s temperature v a thermometer during and after the percolating process. Cooling time is likewise essential for a flavorful cup the tea. Below are ideal temperature ranges and also cooling time for various varieties of tea:

Type that TeaTemperature RangeCooling Times
Green and yellow teas170-185 degrees Fahrenheit5-6 minutes
Oolong tea180-190 levels Fahrenheit3.5-5 minutes
Black and also herbal teas208-212 degrees Fahrenheit3.5 minutes or less
White tea176-194 degrees Fahrenheit6-7 minutes

Provided you use this temperature and also cooling chart as a reference and also follow the suitable steps, using a percolator because that tea is a fairly straightforward process.

The Best and Worst Teas come Brew in a Coffee Percolator

Not every teas are produced equal when using the coffee percolator. The chart v temperature variety and cooling times above also uses to the quality of each tea using the percolator.

The worst teas to brew in the coffee percolator room teas with more fragile leaves. Not to say the you couldn’t use the percolator because that these; you’d just have actually to reduced the cycle brief to make sure you aren’t destroying the tea’s flavor:

Green teaYellow

Conversely, these tea leaves deserve to withstand greater temperatures without compromising the verity of the tea’s flavor and also are the best for using the percolator:

Black teaHerbal teas

Twist: Brew Coffee and also Tea in ~ the same Time

Who says you need to choose between the two? You can make a very delicious coffee-tea hybrid drink through your percolator in just a couple of steps:

First, place 4 bags of black color tea in the percolator and also get that going. Brew them because that 8 minutes.Pour the black color tea into one more container and collection it asideNext, refill the percolator v coffee and also brew together normalCombine the black tea and also coffee in a cup, proportioned come tasteAdd condensed milk come taste and stir in. Start with 3 ounces, then walk from there.If you want it cold, just incorporate the tea and also coffee, then chill and pour over ice through condensed milk

How to get the Taste that Coffee out of the Percolator

The number one thing that might ruin your percolator tea is the gun taste the old coffee seeping into it native a dirty percolator. Even if you clean it very well through hand, well-loved percolators have actually a deep-set coffee smell and also taste to them that might harm the taste of your tea.

If you’re suffering a lot of residue or build-up that’s bring about an off taste, here room the steps to deep clean a percolator:

Load the percolator to the fill line with water.Mix three tablespoons the baking soda into the water.Turn the percolator on for a full cycle.Wait for the water come cool down, then usage a brush to strongly clean the inside.Dump out the water and thoroughly rinse.Refill the percolator v a 50/50 concoction the white vinegar and water. Let the percolator run one more full cycle, climate dump the water/vinegar mixture.Run one or an ext cycles of just water to rinse out any kind of vinegar or residual grounds.

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Tea in a Coffee Percolator

Making tea using a coffee percolator is terrific alternative to boiling one cup that water at a time. Tweaking the procedure for certain brands and species of tea might take a small trial and error.

Otherwise, utilizing the percolator bring away a majority of the hassle the end of the tea brewing process!